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Case Studies: Stephanie Depression


weMED helped Stephanie, a teacher, alleviate her tendonitis and temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorder, while also curing her depression and dramatically reducing her symptoms of fatigue and inflammation. When Stephanie first visited weMED, she knew she needed help but didn’t know where to start. She suffered from tendonitis in both her right and left elbows, a weak thyroid, and a TMJ disorder so severe she had to wear a mouthguard at night. Stephanie also endured years of debilitating fatigue and poor sleep quality and had tried everything from getting more sleep to eating better. While those efforts had shown some improvement, [...]

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Case Studies: Nannette Diabetes and Fibromyalgia


WeMED treated Nannette, who suffered from fibromyalgia, depression, fatigue, and diabetes. When Nannette came to weMED, had been suffering from fibromyalgia for over thirty years, and was in constant pain. As a result, she also suffered from crushing fatigue, brain fog, and depression. Every day was a struggle to get out of bed because she felt wiped out. Additionally, Nannette had developed diabetes, along with acid reflux and IBS, suffering those symptoms in addition to her weight gain and a pervasive feeling of inflammation that made her body feel heavy and “blocked.” She was unable to live her life without [...]

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Case Studies: Helen Rheumatoid Arthritis, Binge Eating Disorder


WeMED treated Helen and eradicated her tendonitis, significantly reduced her painful psoriatic arthritis, and helped her become active again. When Helen first visited weMED, she was determined to find a solution to the psoriatic arthritis plaguing her body as well as the months-long tendonitis she suffered in both elbows. Additionally, Helen suffered from anxiety and depression, hypothyroidism, and acid reflux. On a daily basis, she battled fatigue from poor sleep, as well as tremors in her hands. She also suffered from inflammation throughout her body, which blocked her circulation, meridians, nerves, and acupuncture points. Our measurements are on a scale [...]

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Case Studies: Ann Anxiety and Phobias


WeMED helped Ann, a nurse, gain control over her depression and anxiety, increase her energy levels, and achieve a stronger sense of overall well-being. When Ann came for her initial consultation, she was grappling with a lot of health issues. She had been suffering from depression and anxiety for sixteen years and was trying to treat her symptoms with Xanax. She claimed she had never been a “great sleeper” and had suffered from insomnia for the past eight years, taking Clonazepam to treat it. She grappled with an irregular heartbeat and had been diagnosed with atrial arrhythmia, for which she [...]

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Case Studies: Aaron Long Time Sports Injury


WeMED helped Aaron, a Desert Storm veteran, reduce his chronic pain and PTSD symptoms, which enabled him to get off disability. When Aaron came to weMED in early 2016, he suffered chronic pain and fatigue. All told, Aaron had experienced lower back and leg pain for 16 years, withstanding eleven surgeries that didn’t help much. He also endured pain from sports injuries to his hands and fingers for five years, as well as pain in his foot due to a bone spur. On top of that, Aaron had been diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from his deployment, and his [...]

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Case Study Participant: Toni (Symptoms: Migraines & Insomnia)


WeMED gave Toni, a XXXX, the tools to regain control over her migraines, improve the quality of her sleep, and achieve a healthy weight. Toni came to weMED, determined to better her health. She suffered from a number of ailments, including severe migraines, persistent allergies, chronic acid reflux, high blood pressure and cholesterol, and lower back pain. She regularly had trouble falling asleep and reported poor sleep quality, often waking up multiple times during the night. She was overweight, felt tired all the time, struggled with memory loss, and reported inflammation throughout her body. After her initial consultation and subsequent [...]

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Case Studies: January Cholesterol and Low Back Pain


After only six months of treatment, weMED helped Ms. January Finey regain her youthful vitality and kick her dependence on medications. When January came to weMED, she felt run down. She was in a lot of pain due to four surgeries. She was overweight and had low energy and stamina, unable to perform simple tasks around her home or walk for a sustained period. January also suffered from high blood pressure and cholesterol. On top of those issues, January suffered from diminished memory, poor quality and quantity of sleep, and an irritable mood. She felt defeated and worn down, unsure [...]

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