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Women’s Superior Health


Integrative Medicine World Class Team   Women, The Hero! “Women hold half of the sky up!” - Chinese proverb. That is true! Childbearing, child laboring, and child caring are miracles that women do every day to bring life into the world. Monthly hormone fluctuations, family and job responsibilities, stress and all the love provided to the world can take their toll and cause mood swings, energy ups and downs, and accelerated aging. weMED Clinics Address Root Causes Naturally. Reduce and Eliminate Symptoms and Medications. With Functional [...]

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Functional Medicine Reversing Hypertension, The Silent Killer


Yes, We Did It! We have successfully lowered many patients’ high blood pressure (HBP) and medications naturally, which help patients prevent potential Heart Attack, Kidney Failure, Dementia, Blindness and Stroke. Here is how: The Silent Killer Approximately 647,000 Americans die each year from heart disease and many of these deaths are sudden with no symptoms. 1. Identify and Eliminate/Reduce the Primary Causes, Secondary Causes & Medication Side Effects Type l Primary / Essential Hypertension Cause 1: Stress, Nervousness, Anxiety Cause 2: Toxin Cause 3: Inflammation [...]

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