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The Stem Cell Institute of Houston helps to educate our community on the advantages that stem cell therapy have for arthritic joints, chronic injuries, autoimmunity, and chronic pain conditions. Free weekly seminars are held that allow you to revamp your health by undergoing stem cell therapy first hand.

To combat arthritis and joint pain, intervention is needed early on with the use of artificial drugs and in some cases surgery.

200 cell types are all present within the human body. Certain cells in the body are delegated to perform a specific function. An example of this would be the pancreatic cells found in the pancreas that assure it ever thing is running properly. Although some of the cells in the body are assigned a very different role. They are referred to as stem cells.

Stem cells not only produce more stem cells but they also aide in creating different types of cells as well. For at least a decade now, treating certain ailments such as cancer or rare blood diseases with the use of adult stem cells therapeutically has been prevalent.

Stem cell therapy is often held as a gift of science to medical practitioners. Is the therapy a scientifically proven type of regenerative medicine? That is correct! The general consensus on this therapy is a tone of excitement. Healthcare has the potential to be revolutionized with the help of stem cells. Through stem cell therapy medical practitioners are capable of performing many feats. The therapy will soon be able to help treat ailments such as strokes and diabetes. Also, other notable areas the therapy had worked miracles on include bone and blood cancer treatment and injuries to the joint.

A new upcoming stem cell product used for burn and wound healing, is making waves in the healthcare industry. Physicians are planning on aiding patients with cerebral palsy by injecting stem cells in the brain to help heighten function and also reinstate the brain tissue. Stem cells are also on the rise in the field combining 3D bio printing and regenerative medicine

Regarded around the world a grand discovery in natural healing, stem cell therapy is acknowledged as such in medical history. An injection of stem cells is administered into the patient’s injured area. Than they are transformed into different cells, depending on the human body’s directive. The stem cells transform into tissue cells, bone cells, or other variations needed in that region. Medical practitioners believe the unique capability to become whatever cells are required in the affected region, is the astonishing part of stem cell growth. To heal injuries at an increased speed a large number of cells are injected into the patient’s body. Neuropathy, knee pain, and osteoarthritis have seen the best results so far.

A temporary cure for some of the injuries or diseases is adipose tissue stem cells, cortisone injections, and other medicines offer. To institute regenerative tissue and bone back to its original state stem cells from umbilical cord blood and tissue are used. An important characteristic make up of umbilical cord stem cell therapy is the hyaluronic acid. It is known ease pin and restore mobility by lubricating joints and tendons.

When treating patients with joint problems, umbilical cord stem cell injections are used, these injections include naturally flourishing anti-inflammatory characteristics that spark tissue repair. Patient rejection has not been recorded so far. Also, no adverse side effects have been recorded even with the number of injections up to 10,000. Are you looking for a way to avoid expensive and painful, surgery and dependency on medications, Amniotic stem cell therapy may be the option for you?

Key Benefits

  • No risk of surgery
  • General anesthesia
  • Early recovery
  • No longer hospital stays
  • 100% safety record

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