Houston Acne Treatment

Are you constantly worried about your how people perceive your appearance?

Do you avoid social interactions?

Are you worried your adult acne undermines your credibility at work and in your personal life?

Houston Acne Treatment

It’s time to find something that works. Something better than eliminating certain foods like chocolate and caffeine. Something better than spending tons of money on creams, beauty products, and cosmetics that only treat the surface symptoms and don’t address the underlying problems. Something better than enduring painful and costly procedures like chemical peels and facials.

It’s time for better treatment.

Research Says

Recently, researchers studied the effects of treating 85 participants suffering from acne with a combination treatment involving acupuncture, resulting in over 70% of participants being cured of their acne.

Let’s Make Your Outer Appearance Reflect Your Inner Beauty.

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Schedule Your Consultation

Our Solution

We will listen to you and your healthcare professionals to find your best solutions.

We will conduct a comprehensive and extensive battery of diagnostic tests to find the internal cause of your acne so your outer beauty can shine. In your custom wellness plan, we will address hormone levels and how they affect your skin, examine any environmental intolerances, and identify the factors that irritate your skin. We will also perform a series of digestive diagnostic tests to find out if you are suffering from malabsorption of nutrients or if your body is unable to detoxify properly (this is one of our biggest secret weapons against skin and allergy problem).

Your Wellness

After our diagnostic testing and following your treatment plan, you should see results within one month.

Nearly all our clients will:

  • See your skin start to clear up
  • Experience improved digestion
  • Stabilize your stress levels
  • Feel empowered
  • Save money on products and procedures
  • Reduce inflammation in facial tissues
  • Watch your breakouts become rare and, possibly, completely disappear.