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Treatment Options For Herniation of Disc

Nov 15, 2021 – 11 AM

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A herniated disc can be caused by:
✅ Degenerative and aging resulting from the thinning of a disc
✅ Dryness of fibers which tend to break easily
✅ The mechanical force breaking the fiber rings of the disc

This can cause lower back pain or neck pain, shooting pain into the upper arm and fingers or down to the buttocks and legs.

At weMED, we combine East and Western medicine to provide relief through chiropractic decompression, acupuncture, regenerative Medicine and other treatment options.

Join our webinar to leam more about how we can help you to find relief.

📅Monday, Nov 15 @ 11 am

Dr. Bing is experienced in treating Herniation of Disc and is offering a FREE webinar.

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By Dr. Bing You

AABB Certified

Cellular Therapy Provider

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Herniation of DiscWebinar

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