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Houston Acupuncture Center in T-Mobile Tower

We offer a wide range of high quality of teaching and extra-curricular activities.

Dr. Xiuming Zong, Dr. Phoenix Zhang, Dr. Bing You, Dr. Tao Ma.

At weMED Wellness Center, we are committed to providing modern healthcare that bridges the gap between and captures the synergy of, Eastern and Western medicine.

In addition, we focus on the 5 Pillars of Health, in which acupuncture supports

  • Detoxification

  • Improving nutrition and digestion

  • Fitness

  • Balancing hormones

  • Boosting brain health

Contact us today to learn more about how the 5 Pillars of Health can benefit you in living a healthier life.



Are you concerned that your child has food sensitivities and allergies?

Tired of accepting that medication is the only solution?

Would you like to prevent chronic illnesses from taking root in your child now?

Why would you wait, when you can start from three months old and put them on a wellness plan for life?

There is nothing more important to you than your child’s health. weMED Wellness agrees.

Are you running out of excuses for your low libido?

Has prostate or testicular cancer affected your virility?

Are you unable to be as strong and productive?

As men age, these concerns are very normal, but they don’t have to be your new normal.

Do you dread getting your period and the painful cramps, uncomfortable bloating, and grinding headaches that it brings?

Do you struggle with keeping and maintaining a healthy weight?

Are you trying to start a family but it’s taking longer than you expected?

Did menopause saddle you with unexpected hot flashes, mood swings, decreased libido, or anxiety?

Do you or a loved one need help with cigarette, alcohol, pain medications or drug dependence?

Are you concerned about the effects of withdrawal or cravings?

Are your emotions so strong that you fear them?

We detoxify your body while simultaneously balancing your brain chemistry and your emotional state.

Let’s rebuild your health and energy as we wean you off your chemical dependence without adding extra medications.

Are you tired of antihistamines and flu shots every year?

Would you like to enjoy the outdoors and breath normally?

Dreamed about getting rid of your brain fog, fatigue, and chronic sinus infection?

Want your frequent headaches to go away—permanently?

We can do all of these things, and without blind elimination or painful scratch tests.

Are you or your child tired of having to use an inhaler?

Do you feel like being tired and weak is just a permanent state of life?

Do you avoid public activities because you fear to have an embarrassing asthma attack?

It’s time to find your new normal.

Are you concerned about the effects of chemotherapy or radiation on your long-term health?

Is your cancer treatment leaving you nausea and prematurely aged?

Are you concerned that you’re going to run out of quality time with those you love?

It’s time to tolerate cancer treatments better and rebound more quickly when in remission.

Are you tired of being told your high cholesterol is genetic and can’t be helped?

Facing muscle aches, memory loss, neuropathy, kidney damage, and more because of side-effects to cholesterol medications?

Do you feel like your cholesterol is controlling your life?

You deserve to find real answers and turn your health around.

Do you live in fear of diabetes complications?

Does your family history make you feel that aching limbs or amputations are your destiny?

Are you tired of feeling tired, heavy, and unhealthy?

You tried medication and self-injections, but those but those only manage the symptoms and cause side-effects. You changed your diet and exercise, and while you might have felt a little better, those changes didn’t reverse your diabetes. You know exactly how your health will continue to decline if you can’t do more than simply manage your symptoms.

Are you unable to enjoy the foods you love?

Do you miss work or social events because you need to stay near a bathroom?

Is your severe constipation putting you at risk for esophageal and colon cancer?

Your digestive disorder does not have to be a way of life.

Do you look into the mirror and not recognize yourself?

Are you tired of looking older than you feel?

Are you concerned about complications from cosmetic surgery and toxic injections?

You do have another choice between medical procedures or accepting your aging.


Are you frustrated with fatigue and depression that don’t respond to treatment?

Do your pain medications cause difficult side effects and secondary problems?

Do you miss out on activities with family and friends and pass up work opportunities?

Are you starting a family and planning to have children?

Is in vitro not working or not worth the side-effects?

Are painful treatments and failed attempts straining your health and your relationships?

You need a better way to conceive, have a healthy pregnancy, and fulfill the dream of becoming a happy mom full of positive mental and physical energy.

Do you regularly experience poor or restless sleep, wake up many times at night?

Do you find you lack energy during the day?

Do you suffer from mood swings and irritability?

Do you have difficulty concentrating and remembering things?

Do you have frequent colds and cases of the flu, in addition to season allergies?

Do you experience increased stress, as well as aches and pains?

Are you unable to recognize your loved ones’ faces?

Are you unable to see the curbside of a street?

Have you given up most of the activities you used to enjoy?

Not seeing well isn’t just inconvenient and upsetting, but it’s dangerous.

Do you live your life in a fog?

Do normal life experiences affect you more negatively than most people?

Do you live with a high level of anxiety about daily activities?

Do you live in constant pain?

Is the pain so intense you can’t think straight and can’t do the activities you want?

Is recovery from surgery proving longer and more difficult than you hoped?

Are your pain medications negatively impacting your ability to think, move, or interact with loved ones?

Do you regularly experience itching and irritation?

Are you self-conscious about your appearance?

Does your skin condition negatively impact your self-esteem and cause you to avoid social interactions?

When you don’t feel comfortable in your skin, your whole life is affected. From personal interactions to work performance to mental wellbeing, it’s vital to love the skin you’re in.

Have you lost functionality on one side of your body?

Do you have speech problems? Memory loss?

Are you unable to walk on your own?

Have you experienced the loss of your strength and coordination?

This does not have to be your new normal.

Does your weight cause you to experience social anxiety?

Do you regularly exercise only to find that it doesn’t move the number on the scale?

Do you lack energy for normal tasks?

Are you afraid of developing diabetes or heart disease?



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Houston Stem Cell Therapy

The advantages of stem cell therapy are abundant. It’s been proven to be highly effective in treating: arthritic joints, chronic injuries, autoimmunity, and chronic pain conditions.

Ms. Tasia’s Testimonial

Dr. Bing You’s Patient

Ms. Teresita’s Testimonial

Stem Cell Therapy Success

Oscar Carles’s Testimonial

Stem Cell Therapy Success

“I have found Dr. You to be a responsible, caring, dedicated medical professional who is diligent in his pursuit of his patients’ well being and developing more collegial relations between western and eastern medical disciplines. He is in the forefront of helping to educate the community of western physicians.”

William Riley, MD, Neurologist

“What a delight it is to watch my patients improve under the skillful care of Drs. You and Ma. When what I have to offer through Western medicine holds considerable risk, both my patients and I are grateful for the non-invasive alternatives of acupuncture and herbal medicine.”

Margit Winstrom, MD, Family Practitioner

“Dr. Yu cured me from 100% debilitating pain to 100% pain free.”

Jill Barris, Google Reviews

“Couldn’t recommend a better place. Accupuncture can seem kind of daunting at first, but I couldn’t have felt more comfortable at weMED. The people there are so nice and the atmosphere is very clean and relaxing. Great bedside table manner! I was able to get relief from some of my smaller problems like a headache one day when I went in and also some of my larger problems regarding stomach issues and anxiety. Everyone is very credible and I would trust any of the doctors in the office. Also, their reception desk is extremely responsive in a good way and you almost never have to talk to an answering machine. A must go for anyone looking for relief!”

Claire D., Yelp Reviews

“Definitely Recommend Dr You , Dr Ma, and other Oriental medical Medicine Practitioners here. Dr You have treated so many patients We referred to him with miracle result, saved so many people’s surgery and big money with his small tiny needles by doing acupuncture.
Our therapists use their fingers to do acupressure massage to help many people with their pain management, but fingers could not work as good as the needles, (those small tiny needles are not painful at all, because it is inserted in the acupuncture points in your body), for the benefit of the acupuncture, please google it, for the Master of Acupuncture, you can come to this clinic.”

All Is Well Massage & Spa, Google Reviews

“weMED has helped me get closer to my old self again. I suffered from a brain injury 5 years ago.  I have been to 3 different rehab facilities, in-patient and out-patient, where only westernized medical treatment therapies are offered.  Sure they helped but it’s not a totally comprehensive type of care. For my treatment plan, cupping, acupuncture and herbs are used along with teaching me Tai Chi.  weMED’s staff is kind, helpful, and knowledgeable. I’ve never waited for treatments in the two months I’ve been going.  The building is very handicapped accessible. There is a paid parking garage or free street parking on Drexler Street next to the Art Institute with sidewalks to cut through. It’s nice when leaving the office that other clients have smiles on their faces and look to be generally happy. I’m only two moths into my treatments and see and feel results.”

Joe W., Yelp Reviews

“Dr You is the best Acupuncturist I have had , he heals my migraine with his tiny needle.”

F.J L, Google Reviews

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