Breast Cancer Care
Holistic Medicine + Functional Medicine

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Dr. Tao Ma and Dr. Bing You have helped many breast cancer patients utilizing Functional Medicine, East and West Medicine

Specialize in women's health, infertility, menopause, PMS

Dr. Tao Ma
Specialize in Women’s Health M.D. (China), L.Ac., Ph.D.

weMED Health Dr. Bing You AABB Certified Cellular Therapy Provider

Dr. Bing You
AABB Certified Cellular Therapy Provider

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Breast Cancer Care

Breast Cancer Care
Holistic Medicine + Functional Medicine

We can help!

Dr. Tao Ma and Dr. Bing You have helped many breast cancer patients utilizing Functional Medicine, East and West Medicine

Dr. Tao Ma, Treatment Infertility & Healthy Pregnancy, Women's Health, Houston, TX 77027, United States
Dr. Bing You is the founder and one of the major Integrative Medicine

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Breast Cancer Care

Meet Dr. Tao Ma

Dr. Ma shares some actual patient case studies.

Dr. You is an advisor at one of the top Cancer Hospitals on how to support cancer patients, through conjunct acupuncture & chemotherapy in order to reduce neuropathy induced by chemo and radiation. The results are significant. The Oncologists at MD Anderson Cancer Center have been impressed with their patients’ outcomes under weMED care. Dr. You is one of the Advisory Board Members for the Susan G. Komen Breast Cancer Foundation.

Dr. Tao Ma- Team-weMED Clinics-Woodlands Tx-Houston Tx

Dr. Ma has been one of the pioneers in integrative medicine, supporting the care of breast cancer patients in Houston.

• Ph.D. in Internal Medicine and Women’s Health
• Integrative MD, Chengdu University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Sichuan, China
• Fellow, American Board for Oriental Reproductive Medicine
• Former Assistant Professor, American College of Acupuncture

How Holistic Medicine Identifies the Causes of Breast Cancer
and Crafts a Prevention Plan for Breast Cancer Patients?

We believe that cancer is caused by the growth of abnormal cells, those cells have escaped the immune system monitoring, why? Because this patient’s immune function and energy are diverted or exhausted by stress, physical or emotional trauma, chronic infection, and chronic disease.

Research shows acupuncture and Functional Medicine are effective for:
General Relief for Cancer Patients: Fatigue/Depression/Pain Relief
Reducing Side effects of Chemotherapy: Fatigue/Leucopenia/Depression/hot flashes/Nausea/Xerostomia
Reducing Side Effects of Radiation Therapy: Skin damage

So our treatment plan is based on
The 5-Pillars of Health.

weMED Clinics - Houston texas - 5 Pillars of Health

Case Studies

Case 1. The Patient, Ms. D had a mastectomy and prophylactic oophorectomy:

A great part of her marriage was gone due to low libido. Here is her 6th-month health report and progress graph under Dr. Ma’s Care

Conditions 8/28/2017 (first visit)

Improvement in 6 months 3/27/2018

1.No libido at all for over 2 yrs
— Bilateral mastectomy/ Reconstruction and implant, June 2014
— Prophylactic oophorectomy (Sep 2015)
— Great part of my marriage is gone due to low libido
2. Stress and Anxiety 80%
3. Depression 80%
4. Sleep issues, hard to fall asleep
– Wakes up with a wave of anxiety
5. Physically great, but mental health is down 80%
6. Not as mentally as sharp before
— Emotionally worn out
— Doesn’t care about work or hobbies
— Expands a lot of energy to be normal in front of kids
7. Now 42, but feel 60 years old 80%
8. Gained 15 lbs, now 136 lbs, 5’5” 5 lbs
BRAC 1 Mutation
Inflammation, blockage of circulation, nerve, and meridians


Case 2. Ms. T used to be on staff with Komen Foundation, here is her improvement:

My story begins in December 2007, when I received my breast cancer diagnosis. I had surgery and commenced a 64-week treatment plan of radiation and chemotherapy. Among the many side effects of cancer treatment, I developed daily headaches and considerable joint pain. The chemotherapy caused me to transition into menopause. Like many cancer patients, I also began to suffer from insomnia and anxiety due, in part, to the steroids contained in certain cancer drugs. With all these factors, my oncologist prescribed the prescription sleep drug Ambien at the beginning of my cancer treatment. For almost two years, I took Ambien before bed. Once I completed cancer treatment, I found I was unable to fall asleep without taking Ambien.

After consulting with my oncologist and primary care physician, Dr. Winstrom, I met with Dr. You to discuss options for addressing these side effects. Dr. You designed a customized approach to my situation. Within three weeks of beginning acupuncture, the debilitating side effects of my cancer treatment were under control. I continued to see Dr. You periodically until I finished my treatment. We also worked together to systematically reduce my Ambien dosage and begin an acupuncture regime to restore my healthy sleep cycles. After two months, I no longer required sleep aids to fall asleep. Now, I recommend acupuncture to anyone suffering from insomnia, including cancer patients, women experiencing menopause, and those who have been relying on prescription sleeping aids.

T, Administrator

weMED Clinics - facilities - Houston texas

Dr. You and MD Anderson research results:

Acupuncture for Chemo-induced neuropathy


24 sessions of acupuncture, the response rate was:

✅ Significant improvement
✅ Benefits began at week 4
✅ The largest effect at 9-week treatment completion.
✅ Sustained improvements at 13 weeks (p-.0002)
✅ Timed function test scores also significantly improved (p range from .02 to < .0001).

Journal of Hematology Oncology 7:41, 2014

Reminder: We will always call or work with your oncologists and other physicians to facilitate your recovery

Breast Cancer Patient’s Energy is Back

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Breast Cancer Care

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