Children’s Health Program

Are you concerned that your child has food sensitivities and allergies?

Tired of accepting that medication is the only solution?

Would you like to prevent chronic illnesses from taking root in your child now?

Why would you wait, when you can start from three months old and put them on a wellness plan for life?

There is nothing more important to you than your child’s health. weMED Wellness agrees.

Right now, children are getting more and more chronic conditions because of our lifestyle. You know that inflammatory foods cause health to decline long before those changes show up in Western medicine, but you don’t know what to do about it. You feel sure that their moods and energy seems to change with certain foods, but you’re not sure how to track it.

With our help, you can know exactly what foods to feed your child and what habits are needed to achieve total wellness. The sooner you find the precise wellness model for your child’s body, the more likely they will grow up to be happy, healthy, functional adults.

Research Says

In a systematic review of allergic disorders in children, researchers found that therapies involving traditional Chinese medicine, such as acupuncture, were not only safe for use with children but decreased asthma symptoms and improved lung function. Would your child benefit from this kind of results?

Discover Your Child’s Unique Wellness Needs Today And Keep Them Healthier For Life.

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Our Solution

We will listen to you and your healthcare professionals, to find your child’s best solutions.

Our painless, non-invasive, yet extensive diagnostic testing is effective on babies from three months old. We will discover their inflammatory triggers, from food dyes to heavy metals, so you will know for certain how to keep your child’s health in balance. By understanding your child’s gut flora, we can also diagnose the best lifestyle choices to help the child reduce the suffering from ADHD, allergies (seasonal and food), asthma, arthritis, anxiety, depression, digestive disorders, slow growth, Tourette’s Syndrome, Autism, weight management and more.

Your Wellness

After our diagnostics and implementing our plan, your child should see improvement within two weeks.

Your child will:

  • Experience a decrease in asthma attacks, as well as food and seasonal allergies.
  • Sleep better, feel more energetic, and experience fewer symptoms of ADD and ADHD.
  • Experience less pain, migraines, and juvenile arthritis.
  • Have healthier body and mind, and therefore experience stronger development

Discover your child’s unique wellness needs today and keep them healthier for life.