Houston Macular Degeneration Program

Houston Macular Degeneration Program

Are you unable to recognize your loved ones’ faces?

Are you unable to see the curbside of a street?

Have you given up most of the activities you used to enjoy?

Not seeing well isn’t just inconvenient and upsetting, but it’s dangerous.

You’ve found limited success with laser therapies, medications, and vision aids. Being told that this is just a process of aging is not satisfying. You know there’s more to what’s going on with your eyes, whether you have the wet or dry form of Macular Degeneration (MD), and you want real answers.

Research Says

In a recent study including 108 patients, all suffering from macular degeneration, acupuncture treatment resulted in over 69% of participants reporting improvements in both distant and near vision. You can benefit from this research with weMED Wellness.

There are also many herbal formulas that work with electrical therapy and cupping to treat different types of MD.

Don’t Accept That Losing Your Vision Is A Natural Process Of Aging.

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Schedule Your Consultation

Our Solution

We will listen to you and your healthcare professionals to find your best solutions.

 MD is related to the status of circulation, inflammation, and accumulation of toxins in the body. We will discover the causes of your MD through our diagnostic testing. Then we will create a custom plan to restore your vision.

We will do this by improving your circulation with Qigong, acupuncture, acupressure, and supplements to increase blood flow to the eyes and reduce inflammation through strategic dietary changes. Depending on your form of MD, some clients can regain vision through improving Five Pillars of Health.

Your Wellness

After our diagnostic testing and following your custom wellness plan, you should see changes within a few months.

Depending on the severity of your condition, you may:

  • Recognize your loved one’s face
  • Be able to drive
  • Be able to read
  • Accomplish many daily tasks