Houston Stroke Recovery Program

Have you lost functionality on one side of your body?

Do you have speech problems? Memory loss?

Are you unable to walk on your own?

Have you experienced the loss of your strength and coordination?

This does not have to be your new normal.

Houston Stroke Recovery Treatment Program

Your traditional treatment plan probably includes being put into cookie cutter protocols that only treat your symptoms, instead of promoting healing. If you’re frustrated with the limited help that focuses on motor skills and ignores improving your overall health, let us show you our holistic way to treat and manage your stroke recovery.

Research Says

In a recent study of 75 patients suffering from the after-effects of stroke, researchers found that acupuncture produced faster and broader recover, particularly in the areas of balance, mobility, daily activities performed, and quality of life. Let’s start working on results just like this for you.

Let weMED Help You Make The Most Of Your Recovery.

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Schedule Your Consultation

Our Solution

We will listen to you and your healthcare professionals to find your best solutions.

We strongly recommend patients work with a physical therapist and a neurologist to get the best results. With our extensive and comprehensive diagnostic tests, we will craft a treatment and recovery plan custom-made for your needs based on The Five Pillars of Health. We will put you on the pathway to recovery by detoxifying your body and improving the circulation in your brain, which will help repair and soothe damaged tissue. We will also teach you techniques for mobility exercises, as well as apply careful electrical stimulation to invigorate your circulation. By healing your body from the inside out, traditional treatments become more successful as well. With your Qigong and Tai Chi practice, plus physical therapy, the results are amazing.

Your Wellness

After diagnostic testing and following your wellness plan, you can expect to see results within three to six months, depending on the degree of your individual condition.

You will:

  • Gain back mobility
  • Increase hands and feet coordination
  • Strengthen your balance
  • Reduce depression as much as possible