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Neuropathy Pain Relief

Oct 6, 2021 – 11 AM

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Hello, I’m Dr. Bing You, and I am telling anyone suffering from neuropathy that neuropathy no longer has to be a life sentence:

I have personally seen dramatic decreases in symptoms like:

✅ Cramping
✅ Numbness
✅ Sharp Electric Pain
✅ Hurting When Walking
✅ Balance Problems.
✅ Prickling/Tingling Feeling
✅ Burning Pain
✅ Symptoms Traveling up Legs
✅ Consistent Aching

📅 Wednesday, October 6th, @ 11 am

Dr. Bing is experienced in treating Neuropathy Pain Relief and is offering a FREE webinar.

It’s all made possible by unique technology and new techniques with my Neuropathy Relief Program.

There is a solution for numbness, tingling, sharp and dul paínst

Typically patients come in feeling the stabbing, ice-cold, or fiery hot pain in their hands and feet even after

– Using Compression socks,
– Nutitional Pállsfor Nerves and,
– Doubling neuropathy medication

Then, after doubling medications once again, patients come to us looking for more ways to tackle the stinging feeling that keep them up all night.

We help neuropathy in a way that can shock
traditional neurologists when our patients go
back for a routine visit.

Our Neuropathy Relief Programs is:

– Decreasing brain-based pain naturally
– Supporting nerve health by increasing blood flow
– Delivering essential nutrients needed for nerve revival
– Triggering the body’s mechanism for healing at the source of the neuropathy

By Dr. Bing You

AABB Certified

Cellular Therapy Provider

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Neuropathy Pain Relief Webinar

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