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Prevent Heart Attack

June 1, 2022 – 11 AM

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Over 6.2 million Americans of all ages are living with heart failure. Shortness of breath and fatigue are the main symptoms; however, many patients can also experience:

✅ Swollen legs
✅ Rapid heartbeat
✅ Chest pain
✅ Dizziness
✅ Fast breathing
✅ Loss of appetite

Slowing down the progression of heart failure is a huge priority for us and for our patients.

It’s no secret that traditional medicine doesn’t always offer a clear, hopeful path. So many patients tend to bounce from doctor to doctor until their hope eventually runs out.

We’re committed to helping avoid this route by informing patients of all options, including an. integrative approach.

At weMED, we help patients craft a clear, holistic, hopeful path complete with science-proven methods for healing, personalized care, and more.

DON’T simply accept the current reality!

📅 June 1, @ 11 am

Dr. Bing is experienced in treating Prevent Heart Attack and is offering a FREE webinar.

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By Dr. Bing You

AABB Certified

Cellular Therapy Provider



Prevent Attack Heart Webinar

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