Houston Cholesterol Rebalancing Treatment Program

Houston Cholesterol Rebalancing Treatment Program

Are you tired of being told your high cholesterol is genetic and can’t be helped?

Facing muscle aches, memory loss, neuropathy, kidney damage, and more because of side-effects to cholesterol medications?

Do you feel like your cholesterol is controlling your life?

You deserve to find real answers and turn your health around.

Dangerous cholesterol levels increase your risk of heart attack and diabetes, and you take that very seriously. So, you’ve tried diet and exercise recommendations, but to little effect. So, you suffer the medication that controls your cholesterol levels, but the trade-offs are costly. You feel less social and irritable, which causes difficulty at work and home.

Instead of guessing and leaving it to fate, you can know what’s causing your bad cholesterol to be high and what to do to lower it.

Research Says

In a recent study of 171 patients suffering from high cholesterol, those who underwent moxibustion treatment saw a significant decrease in their blood-lipid levels. We offer this treatment to help people just like you achieve this kind of results.

Stop Letting Cholesterol Medication Hold You Hostage From Living Your Best Life.

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Our Solution

We will listen to you and your healthcare professionals to find your best solutions.

We will complete our full range of comprehensive diagnostic tests to find the causes for your cholesterol imbalance. To bring your cholesterol levels into harmony, we create your custom-treatment plan, which will target your nutritional deficiencies and malabsorption. We will also investigate your cortisol levels to make sure your hormones aren’t sabotaging your health. In addition, we will correct your diet to decrease inflammation. We will also provide stress reduction activities and exercises to combat your stressors and work on all Five Pillars of Health.

5 Pillars of Health - weMED Wellness

Your Wellness

After our diagnostics and implementing our custom plan to fit your lifestyle, you should see improvement within two months.

You will:

  • Reduce inflammation and lose 7-10 lbs. and look 15-20 lbs. lighter
  • Lower your high blood pressure and achieve healthy cholesterol levels
  • Experience better energy
  • Stop worrying about heart attacks, strokes, or drug side effects.