After only six months of treatment, weMED helped Ms. January Finey regain her youthful vitality and kick her dependence on medications.

When January came to weMED, she felt run down. She was in a lot of pain due to four surgeries. She was overweight and had low energy and stamina, unable to perform simple tasks around her home or walk for a sustained period. January also suffered from high blood pressure and cholesterol. On top of those issues, January suffered from diminished memory, poor quality and quantity of sleep, and an irritable mood. She felt defeated and worn down, unsure if any treatment could help her.

Once she came to visit weMED and underwent treatment, January’s health flourished. weMED reduced her pain, raised her energy levels, lowered her blood pressure and cholesterol, helped her achieve restful sleep, and improve her mood. Even though January is seventy-six years old, today she feels fifteen years younger, thanks to weMED’s treatment.

Symptom Results After Six Months of weMED Treatment
Pain from Past Surgeries
  • Greatly diminished;
  • able to walk unassisted on treadmill for 60 minutes straight.
Cholesterol Achieved her best reading since aged 49 years by reducing Cholesterol level from 244 (as of August 2015) to <200
High Blood Pressure
  • Reduced to a healthy levels
  • Has successfully quit all related medications
Weight 155.8 144.8 lbs., (weight loss of 11 lbs.), and is still losing weight
Energy & Stamina Increase in energy and stamina levels such that the patient can perform housework, garden, and work out at the gym without help.
Memory Secured a marked increase in memory recall
  • Able to go from 5-6 hours of restless sleep to 8-9 hours of restful sleep
  • Patient Feels alert and rejuvenated in the morning.
Mood & Attitude
  • Notable increase in positive affect
  • Decrease in negative thinking and irritability.

January found her youthful spark and energy once more! To find yours, schedule your consultation appointment today.

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