Diagnostic Testing - Food and Environment Intolerance, Gut Flora and Parasites, Cortisol and Hormone Analysis, Cardiac Function, and Body Thermo Tests

Diagnostic Tests are the cornerstone of the weMED approach to healing and wellness. These tests are the tools we use to determine what ails you and how best to address the problems for good. Our tests consist of a battery of questions followed by a physical examination, such as looking at your tongue, checking full body circulation, and applying a nerve and circulation examination to find where you are sensitive and where you are inflamed.

Our suite of diagnostic tools is very effective in conjunction with any test results and diagnosis from your conventional medicine physicians and specialists. However, these tests are not a substitute for your annual wellness exams and any monitoring from your medical team. At weMED, we embrace conventional lab tests and imaging technology, so we review our patients’ prior test results. Those results help our practitioners learn more about each patient and provide the necessary context for our patients’ ailments. With this information, we ascertain which of the three diagnostic tests is most appropriate for helping our patients.

These tests underpin our diagnosis and protocols for most every condition we treat because they leave no stone unturned in finding the underlying causes of any symptoms--or event prevent the onset thereof. Often, these tests can detect imbalances before they present as symptoms, and you can be proactive about your health and prevent problems down the road, in addition to reversing health issues that do present symptoms.

Check out our full-range of tests that paint a comprehensive picture of the causes for any symptoms or gaps in your overall health and wellness. Each of our tests is simple, painless, and highly accurate!

Body Thermo Test:

Did you know that your body heat gives your doctor a great deal of information about your chronic conditions, diseases, and sports injuries, among other health issues? With this non-invasive procedure, we can analyze the intensity and patterns of your body heat to discern the underlying causes of your ailment.

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Cardiac Function Test:

The sound of your heart beat says more than just how fast your heart is pumping. This test uses the variability of your heart rate to discern details about your physiological state, including but not limited to the condition of your cardiovascular, digestive, and nervous systems.

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Cortisol and Hormone Analysis:

We have a simple test that can tell you what time of day is best for you to exercise and what times are better or worse for eating a heavier meal. With this information, we coach you to heal hormone imbalances, sleep better, lose weight, and much more.

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Food Intolerance and Environment Intolerance:

Most of our clients are surprised by the foods, heavy metals, and environments that don’t agree with them. The great news is that most of these intolerance can be healed, and we work together with you to help your body stop or reduce having an allergic or inflammatory response to these common elements of our lives.

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Gut Flora and Parasites Test:

The digestive system offers clues about your whole body and all its various systems. This analysis is one of our most effective methods to learn about your internal environment so we can bring it to a greater harmony.

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