Diagnostic Testing: Food Intolerance, Glut Flora, and Hormones Tests – Benefits

With the three types diagnostic tests, weMED can accurately and quickly determine what ails you and create your custom wellness and recovery plan. They all consist of a battery of questions followed by a physical examination, such as looking at your tongue, checking full body circulation, and applying a nerve and circulation examination to find where you are sensitive and where you are inflamed.

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At weMED, we embrace conventional lab tests and imaging technology, so we review our patients’ prior test results. Those results help our practitioners learn more about each patient and provide the necessary context for our patients’ ailments. With this information, we ascertain which of the three diagnostic tests is most appropriate for helping our patients.

The three types of tests are:

  1. Food Intolerance and Micro-nutrients Test: We test a wide variety of food and non-food items to learn about what nutritional deficiencies, sensitivities, and intolerance you might have. The tests are very comprehensive and detect almost a thousand intolerance, heavy metals sensitivities, and nutritional deficiencies.
  2. Saliva Analysis: This is the best method for identifying and pinpointing hormonal imbalances. We are able to detect fluctuations to determine the cause of the imbalances in order to work in harmony with your body to adjust them.
  3. Stool Analysis: The digestive system offers clues about your whole body and all its various systems. This analysis is one of our most effective methods to learn about your internal environment.

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Supporting the Five Pillars of Health

Diagnostic Tests support all Five Pillars of Health because they look to strengthen your whole body. These tests are our single most important tool for healing your body and improving your health and wellbeing. Once they have the data they need, our weMED doctors can craft your custom and holistic wellness plan.


Again, the Diagnostic Tests is the most valuable tool we have here at weMED. We use our comprehensive and extensive Diagnostic Tests for the majority of diagnoses, no matter your symptoms or issues. Once we have the results of your Diagnostic Tests, we have a much better and more precise idea of how to help you.