Houston Asthma Treatment Program

Houston Asthma Treatment Program: Children and Adults

Are you or your child tired of having to use an inhaler?

Do you feel like being tired and weak is just a permanent state of life?

Do you avoid public activities because you fear to have an embarrassing asthma attack?

It’s time to find your new normal.

You might feel singled out at work or be unable to participate in normal activities at school or miss important functions. And even though you were supposed to outgrow asthma, you haven’t, and it’s affecting your quality of life. Inhalers provide only temporary relief; meanwhile, long-term use of steroids will disrupt your hormone system, which could lead to premature aging and osteoporosis.

 Research Says

Recently, researchers working with 104 participants found that participants who received treatment of antiasthma medication and acupuncture experienced both decreased asthma symptoms and a significant reduction in the number of asthma attacks over a period of six months.

Additionally, a 2017 study involving over 1400 participants, studied the effects of using an integrative medicine approach to treat allergies. This approach added acupuncture to routine allergy treatment. Researchers found significant improvement in both the physical and mental health of participants, as well as better quality of life.

Don’t you want those kinds of benefits for yourself?

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Our Solution

We will listen to you and your healthcare professionals to find your best solutions.

Did you know that stress causes most asthmatic reactions? Stress can come from a variety of sources, such as physical stress like exercise, emotional stress, or chemical stress, which can be allergens, smoke, sulfite-containing food, and beta-blockers. Through our extensive diagnostic testing, we locate the triggers of that stress to adjust them. By knowing what times of day and in what situations your cortisol levels rise, we can balance them, so you can choose your activities by what you want to do, not what your asthma will allow you to do. By restoring your gut flora, we will optimize your immune system to avoid overreaction.

Your Wellness

After diagnostics and implementing our plan, you should see changes within two weeks.

By balancing your immune system and eliminating reaction to allergens, You will:

  • See your asthma attacks at least cut in half, if not very rarely occur
  • Experience a high increase in your energy levels
  • Be able to participate in activities you’ve dreamed of, like exercise, travel, and playing with your kids