WeMED helped Donna turn her life around by treating her chronic asthma, reducing her symptoms of restless leg syndrome, and healing her digestive system.

When Donna came to weMED, she needed a change. She had been suffering from terrible asthma and congestion since 2005, and she recently found herself making week-long hospital trips every three months for infections in her lung. Additionally, Donna had been suffering from Restless Leg Syndrome for years, experiencing burning, tingling sensations in her legs and feet as well as terrible hip pain. Because of her leg pain, she had a hard time getting around, much less pursuing activities she loved, like gardening and spending time with her family. And on top of everything else, Donna endured poor digestion, horrible quality of sleep, and inflammation throughout her body. She was tired of the never-ending doctors’ visits and long lists of medications. She was afraid, depressed, and lonely, and she feared that she would never improve the quality of her life.

After her initial consultation and subsequent treatment, weMED significantly reduced the severity of her asthma, stopped her lung infection, soothed her hip pain and Restless Leg Syndrome, restored her digestive function and restful sleep, and gave her a healthier outlook on life.

Our measurements are on a scale of 1-10, with 1 representing virtually no pain and completely healthy, and 10 representing the worst pain you’ve ever felt or very unhealthy.

Symptom Results After Six Months of weMED Treatment
Asthma – 10/10 Marked reduction in symptoms – 2/10
Frequent Yeast/Bacterial Infections in Lung – 10/10 Significant decrease in incidents of infection – 1/10
Restless Leg Syndrome  – 9/10 Marked reduction in symptoms – 2/10
Hip Pain  – 8/10 Decrease in pain – 3/10
Poor Digestive Function – 8/10 Dramatic reduction in symptoms – 2/10
Poor Quality of Sleep – 9/10 Restored restful, uninterrupted sleep – 2/10
Impaired Mobility – 7/10 Can walk, unassisted, for longer distances – 3/10
Depressive Mood (Fear and Anxiety About Condition; Strain Upon Personal Life and Relationships) – 7/10 Feels happier and much more hopeful for the future – 2/10
Inflammation – 7/10 Nearly eliminated symptoms – 2/10

Donna refused to let her symptoms overwhelm her life. To take charge of your life, schedule your consultation appointment today.

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