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Diabetes Reversed

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Regenerative Medicine Success

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Yesterday was my second visit with Dr. Bing. He listened to my health concerns during the physical exam and asked about other issues I accumulated over the years. Dr. Bing explained what is wrong and how he will treat my condition. He gave me two sessions of acupuncture and capping, and I already feel rejuvenated. I would recommend Dr. Bing to anyone who wants holistic approach to fix his health problems.


Robert Spiewak
76-Year-Old Woman Enjoys a Full Life

Six months ago, with my 76th birthday approaching, I decided to invest in myself to live to a joyful “ripe old age” and resolve the health problems that have plagued me for years.

Thankfully, I found the weMED Wellness Clinic and, with Dr. Bing You’s help, resolutions to my health problems in several key ways:

  1. My pain has diminished tremendously, and I can walk comfortably for up to an hour.
  2. My blood pressure and cholesterol readings are the best they’ve been in decades, and I no longer need medicine for those issues.
  3. I am more active and energetic, able to work around my house, garden for extended periods, and put in a full workout at the gym.
  4. I’ve lost weight and am on track to reach an even healthier weight.
  5. I’ve toned my body and mind with Qi Gong exercises.
  6. My memory has improved. T
  7. The quality of my sleep has improved dramatically from 5-6 hours to 8-9 hours per night, which leaves me more rested than before.

I am especially thankful for weMED’s group seminars, where the pleasant weMED staff provided lovely (and healthy!) lunches and taught better health and lifestyle choices.

Today, I enjoy a quality of life that I never imagined. As I’ve said before, “Keep up the good work, Doc.”

January H. Finley Katy, TX

Western-Trained Doctor Convinced of Eastern Medicine’s Potential

Despite being born and raised in Hong Kong until the age of 9, I was too heavily influenced by Western Medicine and was skeptical of the medical benefits of Eastern Medicine. It was not until a caring American friend insisted that I acupuncture that I ventured outside my experience.

Once I tried acupuncture and witnessed Dr. You’s excellent skill as a physician, I was hooked! In fact, I was so impressed by the quality of Dr. You’s training in both Eastern and Western Medicine that I encouraged him to submit a proposal to develop a robust Integrated Medicine Program to St. Luke’s Episcopal Hospital, located in the heart of the Texas Medical Center.”

Michael Jhin,, (Since 2004, Mr. Michael K. Jhin has served as the Chief Executive Officer Emeritus of St. Luke’s Episcopal Health System. He previously served as the System’s President and CEO for fourteen years.)
Neurologists Impressed by Dr. You’ Professionalism and Expertise

I have found Dr. You to be a responsible, caring, and dedicated medical professional who is diligent in his pursuit of his patients’ well-being while developing collegial bridges between Western and Eastern medical disciplines.

He is at the forefront of educating the community of Western physicians.

William Riley, MD, Neurologist

Family Practitioner Trusts Patients to Drs. You and Ma

What a delight it is to watch my patients improve under the skilled care of Drs. You and Ma!

Both my patients and I are grateful for acupuncture and herbal medicine as non-invasive alternatives to surgery and various drugs, especially when the Western medicine treatments I can offer hold considerable risk.

Margit Winstrom,, MD, Family Practitioner CEO Finds Relief for Sleep and Stomach Problems
A Most excellent place for giving proven health to the hardest of cases!
(Like Mine) Very polite and professional doctors and staff that listen to you and your
specific problems to hunt them down and cure them! After 30 years of many doctors
and treatments with no results for my paíns, these True and purest doctors have
given me my life back!! Lee Martini Retired USMC
Lee Martini, Google Reviews
 I and my daughter have received the best care ever! Dr. Bing You and his team are brilliant, compassionate caregivers. As an over 40-year veteran Registered Nurse, this is very important to me!Dr. Bing You’s follow-up after treatment is stellar!I have recommended him to all I know. I have a dear friend who lives out of state and will be receiving his care real soon. Because of Dr. Bing You’s exemplary care, I have been able to avoid knee surgery, the hypertension symptoms are improving, and my overall quality of health has improved greatly!! I am glad and will continue to be his patient.
Shirley P.

As the 50-year-old CEO of a construction company, stress is an ever-present part of my life. I have experienced sleep problems for as long as I can remember, as well as chronic stomach upset. Stress contributes to my insomnia and stomach problems, so it is crucial that I do everything I can to minimize my stress level.

I initially consulted Dr. You to see what acupuncture could do for my stress and insomnia. My first session was very relaxing, and I saw immediate results–I was able to fall asleep and stay asleep more easily! These benefits continue to this day. That was my first experience with Chinese medicine, and it was a very positive one.

Currently, I see Dr. You about every two weeks and have visited him around 10-15 times. In addition to my stress and sleep problems, acupuncture has helped relieve my chronic stomach upset and wrist pain. Again, the results were immediate and lasting. I highly recommend considering acupuncture to treat insomnia (or any other condition).


Cancer Patient Overcomes Side Effects of Treatment

My story begins in December 2007, when I received my breast cancer diagnosis. I had surgery and commenced a 64-week treatment plan of radiation and chemotherapy. Among the many side effects of cancer treatment, I developed daily headaches and considerable joint pain. The chemotherapy caused me to transition into menopause. Like many cancer patients, I also began to suffer from insomnia and anxiety due, in part, to the steroids contained in certain cancer drugs. With all these factors, my oncologist prescribed the prescription sleep drug Ambien at the beginning of my cancer treatment.  For almost two years, I took Ambien before bed. Once I completed cancer treatment, I found I was unable to fall asleep without taking Ambien.

After consulting with my oncologist and primary care physician, Dr. Winstrom, I met with Dr. You to discuss options for addressing these side effects.  Dr. You designed a customized approach to my situation. Within three weeks of beginning acupuncture, the debilitating side effects of my cancer treatment were under control. I continued to see Dr. You periodically until I finished my treatment. We also worked together to systematically reduce my Ambien dosage and begin an acupuncture regime to restore my healthy sleep cycles. After two months, I no longer required sleep aids to fall asleep.

Now, I recommend acupuncture to anyone suffering from insomnia, including cancer patients, women experiencing menopause, and those who have been relying on prescription sleeping aids.

Karen, Administrator
A Lasting Solution for Child’s Chronic Ear Infections

My infant son’s persistent ear infections began in November 2013, just before his first birthday. Nothing seemed to stop the onslaught of ear infections. It only took a few days after we completed one course of antibiotics for my son to get another ear infection, which demanded a whole new round of antibiotics. It got so bad that my pediatrician told me that, if he got one more infection, my son would have to go to an ENT for ear tubes. Even though I am a nurse and have many friends whose kids have ear tubes, I didn’t want my son to have surgery for tubes if he didn’t have to.

As a last resort, my pediatrician recommended me to Dr. You. After assessing my son, Dr. You explained that his immune system was not strong enough to fight off all the infections, and he wanted to strengthen it with acupuncture, acupressure, Chinese herbs, and cupping, without antibiotics. The first treatment with needles was a little scary for me to watch, but after a few treatments, my son wasn’t bothered by the needles anymore. More importantly, he hasn’t had a single ear infection since we began treatment with Dr. You in March 2014! My pediatrician told me that my son’s ears look, “better than they ever have” and “Whatever you’re doing, keep doing it!”  I truly believe Dr. You saved my son from undergoing surgery.

Furthermore, I also started treatment with Dr. You for migraines. He reviewed my health history, explained how acupuncture could help me, and devised a treatment plan. Since I started treatment with Dr. You, I have not had a single migraine, and I feel a sense of balance. This practice works! I wish there more people knew about the weMED Clinic. It really is the best of Western and Eastern medicine combined!

C.K., Your Content Goes Here

Alleviating Child’s Severe Allergies with Acupressure

My 9-year-old son has been coming to the weMED Clinic since August of 2013. When my son was very young, he started exhibiting seasonal allergy symptoms. By the time he was eight years old, however, his symptoms had worsened to the point where he had allergy symptoms almost daily and caught colds very easily. I didn’t know what to do, and I didn’t want to give him antihistamines because of the possible side effects. While searching for an acupuncturist who would treat children, I finally found Dr. You and Dr. Ma at the weMED Clinic.

Initially, I spoke with Dr. Ma, who was knowledgeable and possessed a well-rounded approach to treating illnesses. I brought my son in for treatment. However, my son was extremely afraid of the needles. Dr. You and Dr. Ma were flexible and decided to use herbs, acupressure, and cupping to treat his allergies instead of acupuncture.

My son has responded very well to the treatment. He still visits the clinic once a month for some minor symptoms, but his immune system has become much stronger. I have also noticed that his overall health (not just his allergy symptoms) has improved.


Helping Child with Tourette’s Syndrome Excel

WeMED had the pleasure of treating A.B., a ten-year-old child diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome. After a six-week course of acupuncture and herbal treatment, A.B. demonstrated significant improvement in school performance. The following is an excerpt from an email sent from A.B.’s teacher to A.B.’s mother.

I wanted to take a minute to let you know how proud I am of A.B.! He is doing SO well this year. He seems to be really “tuned in” to our lessons and is such a great participant. He can sound out more difficult words without help and do simple math in his head without having to write down the problems. Thank you for sending us such a terrific young man!!

F. M. ,, Ford Bend Teacher

Restoring Child’s Hearing with Acupuncture

My son has experienced recurring ear infections since he was three years old. For two years, we treated his ear infections with antibiotics, but it was only a matter of time before he got sick with another infection. The persistent fluid collection in his ears began to affect his hearing, so when he was five years old, we took him to an ENT specialist to insert ear tubes. The ear tubes worked for two years, and we had no problems, but after the tubes fell out, the fluid collection returned as did his hearing problems. His ENT specialist advised us to insert ear tubes again, but we didn’t want to do the ear tubes again since that was not a permanent solution.

After a lot of research, we decided to try acupuncture. I reached out to Dr. You about my son, who said he was already treating a child for the same problem. During our initial appointment, Dr. You examined my son’s ears and agreed that he had a severe problem, but Dr. You was confident that he could help us. Dr. You treated my son with acupuncture, cupping, and herbal therapy. After ten sessions of treatment over two months, my son’s ENT specialist administered a hearing test for my son. Stunningly, the specialist found that my son’s hearing had improved and that there was no fluid in his ear. The specialist assured us that there was no longer a need for ear tubes.

Currently, my son still receives acupuncture, but only about once a month for maintenance. So far, we are very happy with the result.


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