Another Patient Successfully Avoiding Knee Surgery

By Dr. Bing You, AABB Certified Cellular Therapy Provider

Working with Dr. Camille George and our Stem Cell scientist, Dr. You (who is certified in Cellular Therapy by the American Association of Blood Bank) and his team have helped many patients avoid knee replacement.

The following is another case report showing the significant growth of cartilage in her knees and she is no longer having pain in her knee and she is able to climb stairs and walk much longer without pain. This is Jenny’s knee x-ray before stem Cell therapy, taken on December 10, 2018.

The following one is from June 21, 2019, 6 months after stem cell treatment from our office.

If you are age over 50 and experiencing knee pain, it will be wise to check out what is going on in your knee, is that because of meniscus tear, ligaments tear, or bursitis?

Our weMED East-West Medicine team may help you identify and address the problem before it is too late and you have to have surgery.

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