Houston Acupuncture Doctor Explains Benefits of Acupuncture Treatment

Developed nearly 3000 years ago in China, acupuncture is at the forefront of symptom reduction, provoking almost immediate changes and improvements. Considered the most studied form of alternative medicine, acupuncture is one of the quickest ways to start feeling relief sooner.

Acupuncture has three primary goals, all of which build towards a cumulative effect on your wellness:

  1. Alleviate immediate symptoms, like mood swing, pain, craving, allergies
  2. Promote wellness and eliminate the underlying cause of your symptoms
  3. Maintain wellness and prevent future issues

Better yet, acupuncture fits in well with our custom nutrition plans as well as proper exercise and meditation. By itself, Acupuncture unlocks 30-50% of your healing potential, and when used as part of comprehensive, holistic treatment, the results are much stronger.  Think of Acupuncture as a lifestyle upgrade!


According to “Decoding an Ancient Therapy,” an article published in The Wall Street Journal on March 22, 2010, researchers have found that acupuncture produces significant neuro-immuno-endocrinological changes in the human body. Specifically, researchers have found that acupuncture calms areas of the brain that register pain and emotion, activates those areas involved in rest and recuperation, increases blood flow in the treated area, reduces inflammation for the body, and produces long-lasting improvement in the immune system.

Additionally, a 2007 clinical study published in the Archive of Internal Medicine demonstrated the benefits of acupuncture to treat lower back pain. The study involved over 1100 participants, all of whom were currently undergoing treatment for lower back pain. The researchers assigned the participants to three different treatment groups, wherein participants would receive either real acupuncture, sham acupuncture, or conventional treatment consisting of medication, physical therapy, and exercise. After six months, researchers found that participants in the real acupuncture group showed the most improvement.

These results demonstrate acupuncture’s effectiveness and explain its popularity as a non-invasive solution. It’s no wonder that acupuncture has entered the mainstream and garnered close attention from the medical community. Distinguished institutions, such as Harvard Medical School and MD Anderson Cancer Center, have researched and incorporated acupuncture into their medical curriculum.

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Supporting the Five Pillars of Health

Acupuncture supports all Five Pillars of Health–Detoxification, Nutrition, Brain Health, Balanced Hormones, and Fitness. Acupuncture detoxes your body by flushing out inflammatory chemicals, unblocking the nerve and circulatory system, and restoring improving liver and kidney function. It improves your nutrition by correcting malabsorption and digestive disorders. It boosts your brain health by treating symptoms and preventing the underlying causes of stroke, dementia, and depression. Just as it detoxes your body by unblocking nerve signals and blood flow, acupuncture uses that same mechanism to balance your hormones. Acupuncture also enhances the effectiveness of your exercise by increasing blood flow and improving mobility.


Based on its official review of many clinical studies, the World Health Organization found that acupuncture is effective in treating over 100 conditions. For a comprehensive list of clinical studieshat informed the WHO’s decision, please see their 2002 report, Acupuncture: Review and Analysis of Reports on Controlled Clinical Trials.

As mentioned above, our highly trained professionals utilize acupuncture alone or in combination with other services as part of your wellness plan. Specifically, acupuncture can be used for:

  • asthma and allergies (Food and Seasonal)
  • acute and chronic pain management
  • autoimmune disorders
  • blood pressure and cholesterol reduction
  • cravings and addictions
  • digestive disorders
  • infertility
  • neuropathic pain and nervous system disorders
  • stress and chronic fatigue
  • sleep disturbances and mood disorders
  • Note: At weMED, we know that acupuncture can seem intimidating. We assure you that acupuncture is safe and painless. We urge you to ask questions and try acupuncture for yourself. However, we also offer acupressure. This modification isn’t as effective as acupuncture, but it’s a good fit for people who don’t like needles and can be useful in combination with your overall wellness plan.