Eating, exercise, mindfulness, and learning are the major changes. With diet, you are going to find out that you have some food intolerances, which means you might have to give up some of your favorite foods for a time, even if they are healthy. Then we will reintroduce those foods back after we restore your digestive system.

Time and Priorities are an area we should talk about. You may need to rearrange your life so that you can focus on your health for a few months. You will be taking herbal remedies, and targeted supplements — this is your plant and food medicine that keeps you off drugs and during specific times of your program, you will be taking several. Remember you are under the care of the some of the finest healthcare providers on the planet who have made lifestyle recommendations that will dramatically improve the quality of your life. Please make health your number one priority throughout this process and there is no reason why you will not succeed.

The most important thing you can do is make the decision to choose healthy over unhealthy for the rest of your life. Study show that when you replace poor habits with healthy habits you are far more likely to stay with those healthy habits rather than just trying to get rid of the poor habits. We recommend that you take the time to be very in tune with how your body is feeling. You are the best doctor in the room when it comes to your own health if you have correct awareness.

Your program is divided up into 3 parts:

  1.      Conventional Medicine, Chinese Medicine, Functional Medicine, Nutrition, testing and one-on-one coaching
  2.      Treatments with acupuncture, cupping, herbs, supplements, and other natural tools.
  3.      weMED health lectures, Meditation and Fitness Practice.

We have found this unique combination helpful for the most advanced healthcare practitioner and also invaluable to a person who is never experienced natural health treatment or education. This program is designed to treat the cause of your health condition, and not just mask symptoms like most pharmaceutical drugs do. Most of you will have all areas improvement of your health within 3 months, and stabilized high level health in 6 month.

Yes! In fact we would encourage you to get very familiar with our online training portal in Kajabi. Kajabi is where you will find all of our wellness courses recorded as well as some additional tools. Check your email inbox because those passwords and websites will be sent over to you shortly after you sign up. We have had many patients do the bulk of their educational program and functional medicine visits on the phone or virtually. However, we have still not figured out how to provide acupuncture, trigger points or stem cell injections through a wifi connection yet-but we are working on it.

What you put into this program, you will get out of it. The reason why we have over a 95% success rate with our wellness program is because of the work put in by the weMED Team and by you, our new wellness member. To borrow and modify a JFK quote to provide context: “Ask not what your doctor can do for you, ask what you can do for your doctor.” Keep asking questions, doing your homework, taking your herbs and coming in for your acupuncture treatments and other therapies, and you will be shocked at how good you will start to feel. Turn off your cell phone when you come in promptly for treatments and be as present as you possibly can. Take the steps necessary to organize your life so that you can focus in on your health experiences.

We are deeply grateful to all of the referrals that we receive on a daily basis and would be honored for you to send in your friends and family. If you know somebody who would just like help with a particular condition or guidance for improving their health then let us know and we are happy to give them a call or just let us know and we will give you a gift to give to them in the form of a book.

In our book gifting program all you have to do is ask us if you can give a book to one of your friends or family members. We will gladly give you a book with for you to share with them. This is a very simple way of encouraging them to give us a call. You’re also welcome to bring a friend or family member to one of your wellness classes so that they can get a feel for what the program looks like. The other thing that we offer is our weekly community educational events on a variety of topics. We would love to have you bring them as a guest. We also offer a 20% discount to any family members who decide to do the program with you.

Yes, of course! I think life is much better through the lens of a game and a little bit of friendly competition. So, we have created an opportunity to receive your Black Belt in Wellness certification upon completion of your program and a $250 credit towards any maintenance programs or stem cell treatments at East West Health in just 8 simple steps.

8 Steps to Qualify for your Black Belt in Wellness Certification:

  1.      Attend 5 classes
  2.      Bring at least one friend or family member to class
  3.      Proof of login to Kajabi
  4.      One on one coaching and mentoring signed off by weMED Provider
  5.      Physical Challenge event complete
  6.      Start Gratitude Journal
  7.      Mindset morning or meditation practice
  8.      Goals for a lifetime of health plan

Final evaluation is done by one of our wellness coaches or healthcare providers who will determine that all of these steps have been completed properly. If you were not able to make it to 5 classes then this visit counts as a class.

Yes, we build your Maintenance Plan based on Recommendations from Harvard Medical School News Report, to enhance the quality of your longevity.

Because our wellness program allows us to get to the root cause of your conditions, the majority of the work is done for you, and we can offer a maintenance plan at a discounted rate. Our maintenance programs are true “health insurance” plans because they focus on maintaining health-not just managing symptoms or disease. To our graduates, we offer comprehensive, year-long maintenance programs that all you to continue getting the same level of care you will have received in your current wellness program at a reduced rate. We already have a relationship established and want to honor all the work that both sides have put into it. We truly care about your continual help and hope that you decide to continue your life’s journey with us.

I hope you have a better understanding of what this program looks like. The best way to really find out what it’s about is to participate 100% in all 3 parts to your program. We appreciate your confidence in us and look forward to a lifelong relationship with you and your loved ones. We are excited to get to know you on a deep levels, and welcome you into the family.

Over three thousand years ago, the ancient Chinese discovered that human body is a complex network of nerves and vessels, called meridians, that interact and communicate with each other. The meridian system functions as information and nutrition transportation connecting the internal organs and external structures.

When the body experiences an imbalance or pathogen attack, the energy of the meridian is blocked and can manifest specific symptoms, such as pain at specific points along the meridian. These particular locations are called acupoints, and your body has over 300 acupoints. By stimulating acupoints, the doctor can initiate the body’s self-healing, thereby removing the energy blockage, restoring balance, and eliminating pathogens.

Acupuncture is safe to use alongside Western treatments because it stimulates your body’s natural mechanisms to alleviate symptoms and cure illness. Acupuncture doesn’t add extra chemicals to your body, so you don’t need to worry about unsafe interactions with any of your current. Do not stop or alter your medications without consulting your primary care physician.

 As a rule, be sure to discuss any Western treatments with your Acupuncturist before treatment so they may learn your medical history and provide a correct and safe remedy. Depending on your needs, a natural therapy other than acupuncture may be more appropriate.

No. Because acupuncture needles are small, thin, and solid, they usually do not hurt. Acupuncture needles are not the same needles used to for drawing blood or injecting shots. Our practitioners are always careful to use sterilized and individually packaged needles and dispose of them after each use.

Acupuncture does not usually produce side effects when administered by a well-trained doctor. A small number of patients can experience a slight woozy or dizzy feeling, but it often subsides after a few minutes and is typically attributed to a weakened constitution or low blood sugar levels. Some patients report a feeling of soreness or discomfort after their first session, caused by the release of toxins stored in your body. Those toxins will be processed by your liver, alleviating the sore or uncomfortable feeling within 24 hours, on average.

The first visit, which includes your initial examination, can take anywhere from 60 to 90 minutes depending on the nature of the problem.

Follow-up appointments usually take from 45 minutes to 60 minutes.

During treatment, the doctor may need access to your feet, legs, arms, stomach or back. Therefore, we suggest you wear comfortable, loose-fitting clothes. We have hospital gowns available and will happily provide one should you need it.

For your first appointment, please bring a list of your current medications along with any test results, including blood and urine analysis, x-rays, MRI, and CT scan reports that may help us get a better understanding of your problem. The more information you give us, the better we can treat you.

Every person is unique, which means that every treatment plan is different. The amount and frequency of return visits depend on the duration, severity, and nature of your condition. Patients suffering from acute conditions will most likely need to attend 2-5 sessions, scheduled once or twice a week, to cure the problem. On the other hand, if a patient suffers from chronic or multiple health issues, the patient may need an intensive, hands-on treatment schedule.

Our trained and licensed practitioners can provide details about the length of a treatment plan. Please call our office to learn more! We are more than prepared to create a nuanced treatment plan for your needs.

Acupuncture is less invasive than surgery, avoids pumping your body full of expensive medication, and restores your body’s natural systems, which we all want. You might experience relief in as little as one visit, or you might need more visits to achieve the results you want. Either way, acupuncture offers a real solution. It saves you time, money, and peace of mind, especially when you consider acupuncture’s long-term benefits, like preventing future diseases and balancing your body and mind.

While the needles we use in acupuncture are safe, we understand if you do not wish to use them. We offer acupressure as an alternative, where a trained practitioner applies pressure to your acupoints with his or her fingers. We also provide a variety of treatments to choose from, such as ear point manipulation, electro- or electromagnet acupoint therapy, moxibustion, cupping, and herb therapy.

Acupuncture works whether or not you think it will! After all, acupuncture has been used successfully on animals and children, despite those patients not understanding how or why it works. However, positive attitudes and expectations help to increase therapeutic results even if they aren’t necessary.

As such, the doctors at weMED encourage you to raise any concerns you may have about acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine to ensure you have the most positive healing experience possible.

Your coverage may vary depending on your company and plan. Before your session, be sure to check your insurance policy for acupuncture coverage.