Corporate Wellness Program

You care about what they care about because that will ultimately impact their performance in the workplace. As such, we’ve created a dynamic slate of topics to choose from that will greatly impact and improve your employees’ health, which will, in turn, increase employee productivity, morale, engagement while decreasing absenteeism, low performance, and insurance claims.

This tried and true system produces high employee engagement and can be tailored to your requirements. Our Corporate Wellness Program is broken into 5 Stages to ensure that your employees are able to engage with our certified health professionals and implement our suggestions to improve their health.

Stage 1: Pre-Event Site Assessment

One of our Doctors will visit your facility with your designated representative to assess the typical work environment and identify areas of greater risk of causing stress or injury. This allows us to customize the program to fit specific areas of need to maximize the benefits of the Wellness Event.

Stage 2: Injury Prevention and Stress Management Workshops or Lunch & Learns

We teach your employees are taught useful strategies to improve productivity, increase energy, and reduce the prevalence of ailments or injuries. One of our most popular Lunch & Learns is called Stretch Your Way to Good Health. This presentation will teach your employees a 5- minute stretch program that will help your employees feel better and prevent workers’ compensation injuries from occurring. Other popular Lunch & Learn Workshops are Stay Fit While You Sit, Stress Reduction, or How to Turn Your Body into a Fat Burning Machine.

You can find more information on workshop topics here.

Stage 3: “One-to-One” Health & Wellness Assessments and Health Fair

Scheduled in 10-minute intervals, employees receive a brief health screening to evaluate and report on one’s physical, emotional and chemical stress levels. Health related questions are encouraged and will be answered.

At your request, we will offer wellness screenings to check weight, stress, and repetitive motion-related problems.

Stage 4: Rejuvenating Chair Massages or acupressure (Tuina)

Employees get to relax and feel appreciated for the work they do. This is completed by a licensed massage therapist or practitioner.

Stage 5: Post Event Report for Employers

Based on employee surveys, a HIPAA compliant statistical analysis offered that reflects the percentage of employees with specific health concerns. Action steps are custom designed for each employer to effectively handle and reduce these health concerns.

Most of our Wellness Event partners sign up for an additional Weight Loss program, which has an

anticipated return to you of a minimum of 5 to 1. In other words, for every dollar you spend on weight loss, you should receive (in reduced healthcare costs, reduced absenteeism, reduced workers’ comp claims and increased productivity) a 500 percent annual return.

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