🎉 Grand Opening Party At Woodlands 🎉

Thank You For Attending Our Grand Opening At The Woodlands

On January 28th, 2023. We inaugurated a new branch in The Woodlands.

It was informative, fun, and relaxing. The music was relaxing and cheerful, and the food was delicious and healthy.

weMED Clinics, Treatment, Insomnia, Woodlands, Houston TX, EEUU

Dr. You talked about reversing kidney disease, hypertension, and chronic heart disease. Dr. Zhang spoke about reversing liver and GI disorders.

We share a session of music and relaxation for everyone.

The Grand Opening was successful!

Attendees, patient volunteers, weMED team and families all were happy and upbeat.
Attendees visited the info tables, received flyers relevant to their health concerns, and had their questions answered.

Thanks to our team for all the preparations and our families for their support 🙏