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The Stem Cell Institute of Houston helps to educate our community on the advantages that Cellular Therapy have for arthritic joints, chronic injuries, autoimmunity, and chronic pain conditions. Free weekly seminars are held that allow you to revamp your health by undergoing Cellular Therapy first hand.

To combat arthritis and joint pain, intervention is needed early on with the use of artificial drugs and in some cases surgery.

Generally speaking, humans have three types of stem cells: Embryonic Stem Cell, Adult Stem Cell (in bone marrow, adipose tissues, menstrual blood, baby teeth…) and Perinatal Stem Cell.

Over 90% of stem cells in the bone marrow are hematopoietic stem cells (the rest are Mesenchymal Stem Cell (MSC)) that serve as the genesis for hematopoiesis, the process of creating the body’s red and white blood cells. All of the red blood cells are only able to survive about 120 days.

Adipose tissue (fatty tissue) mostly contains Mesenchymal Stem Cells (MSC) which differentiate into cartilage, bones, ligaments and other tissues.

The scientists also found abundant stem cells in the placenta, umbilical cord, and amniotic fluid – known as perinatal stem cells, they are rich in MSC stem cell. The perinatal stem cells have an extremely low rate of rejection, as they are naive cells, immune privileged and undifferentiated (just like the mother won’t reject the embryo). They can be almost injected into any human being’s joints or intravenous without matching process like bone marrow does to be matched first.

A very small number of Pericytes (local stem cell) which are presented in all organs, tissues, and blood vessels are local stabilizer and protector, they are readily mobilized to repair adjacent, immediate injury.

All these cells are efficient at repairing bone, cartilage or ligaments or simply rejuvenating your body by increasing the amount of circulating stem cells.

Let’s Start at the Beginning of a Stem Cell:

The human body contains over 37 trillion cells. All these cells come from a single source, a fertilized egg.

Once an egg is fertilized, these cells are called embryonic stem cells and can become any of the 200 different types of cells in the body. Embryonic cells are both totipotent cells and pluripotent cells. Totipotent cells and pluripotent cells are very similar, both can become any of the varying cell types in the body, but totipotent cells can form extraembryonic cells like a placenta and an umbilical cord for the growing fetus. This type of stem cell may also cause teratoma (a teratoma is a tumor made up of several different types of tissue, such as hair, muscle, or bone). It is illegal to use embryonic stem cells to inject into the human body.

After 5-6 day, the embryo begins cell divisions that begin a process called differentiation. Totenpotic cells begin to form the placenta and umbilical cord that will feed the embryo as it becomes a baby, and pluripotent cells that can become any cell type begin to transform into multipotent cells that begin to form the various organs, systems, and tissues that comprise the human body. For example, blood cells will transform into platelets, white blood cells, and red blood cells while other cell types will begin to form other organs and systems.

Once a baby is born, the cells in the body have become specific and exist as multipotent stem cells throughout many tissues and organs. Many stem cells exist after birth in the human body, ready to carry out the functions and biological processes. A large portion of these multipotent cells are found in bone marrow cells and adipose tissue (fatty tissue).

Stem cells are responsible for repairing, restoring and rejuvenating damaged tissue in the body.

In healthy people, stem cells are far harder to come by. There are a small number of stem cells circulating in the bloodstream, normally to replace aging cells or fix minor damage. The rest of the tissues carry pericytes, which serve as the body’s local recovery agents. When inflammation or injury occurs the body producer chemokines or cytokines. These chemical markers mobilize stem cells from bone marrow or other tissues to locate and repair the damaged tissue.

These functions are necessary to maintain a healthy and balanced body.

Unfortunately, poor quantity and quality of stem cells can facilitate certain chronic diseases or even cancer!

This can be even more problematic for acute injuries. In injuries that impair mobility, there are oftentimes not enough stem cells available in the body to efficiently repair the injury.

In common bone fractures, meniscus tears, anterior cruciate ligament tears, or even labrum tears – there is rarely enough stem cells in the joint capsules to fix the injury and oftentimes expensive or dangerous invasive surgery is needed.

Sadly, these injuries aren’t just for hard-driving athletes who are at greater risk for all types of sports injuries. All it takes to injure a meniscus or fracture a bone is to slip and fall in the shower or walking down the street.

The good news is, by injecting out-sourced stem cells in injured joints or fracture sites, recovery times can be cut by as much as 25% to 50% of the normal healing time.

In the picture below you can see how weMED injected stem cells into Texas football player Andre Hal’s fractured shoulder blades, which was fractured on October 23, 2018, and accelerated his recovery time by nearly 50% to be fully healed by November 21, 2018 – a short 4 weeks later.

WeMED Health Stem Cell Testimonial

Absolutely, according to clinical studies!

Not only can Functional Medicine Therapy help really serious conditions, but it’s especially well-suited for difficult to treat cases that don’t respond well to traditional medicine.

According to the November, 2013  Issue of Experimental and Molecular Medicine, scientific evidence has shown that stem cells have shown excellent results in the following conditions:

  • Musculoskeletal Tissue regeneration: E.G Bone, Cartilage, Tendons, Joint Pain, Meniscus, Ligaments ACL, LDL Rotator Cuff)
  • Chronic Pain and Degenerative Conditions: Osteoarthritis, Discs, Neck, Shoulder, Back, Hip. Elbow, Wrist, Fingers, Knee’s Ankle’s, MP and IP Joints
  • Nervous System: (Multiple Sclerosis, ALS, Parkinson’s, Stroke, Spinal Cord Injury, Neuropathy, Sciatica, Cerebral Palsy, Memory Loss, Brain Trauma
  • Autoimmune Disease: Rheumatoid Arthritis, Macular Degeneration, Hearing Loss, Crohn’s Disease, Graft vs Host Disease (GVHD), Lupus
  • Burns and Wound Healing
  • Heart: Heart Attack recovery, Heart Failure, PAD, COPD
  • Age-related weakness and cognitive decline

Arnold Caplan, et. al: Mesenchymal Stem Cells: environmentally responsive therapeutics for regenerative medicine Experimental and  Molecular Medicine. 2013 Nov; 45(11)

If you don’t see a condition listed and want to know if Functional Medicine Therapy might also work for your unique situation, give us a call or send us an email, and our friendly staff is ready to assist you and understand your needs.

Our processes meet the most stringent guidelines. All stem cells are processed at an FDA licensed facility. The tissue is processed in sterilized containers and cryopreserved to protect cell viability. All contagious diseases are screened and ruled out and detailed history is taken.

All processing is performed following the Food and Drug Administration’s Tissue Reference Group (FDATRG) guidelines. We adhere STRICTLY to the guidelines of No HARM TO BABY/ NO HARM TO MOTHER.

Stem Cell Types Advantages and Risks Table

Stem Cell Type Advantages Disadvantages
Embryonic Stem Cell Totipotent, capable to differentiate as any types of human Cells Unethical, illegal in the US

May cause tumor growth

Fetus Stem Cell (mostly from abortion) Multipotent Controversial
Bone Marrow Stem Cell Multipotent, Autologous, no rejection for self-usage High rejection rate, less quantity and hard to harvest
Adipose Stem Cell Multipotent, Autologous, no rejection for self-usage, easy to harvest, high quantity High rejection rate
Umbilical Cord, cord blood, placental or amniotic Stem Cell Multipotent, Rarely rejection, almost can be universal usage for all types of patient, except metastatic cancer Low quantity, non-specific

Choose us and join our happy clients who give us a satisfaction rating of 95%.

At weMED, we combine the best of Eastern and Western Medicine. We are committed to providing a professional environment that bridges the gap between and captures the synergy of Eastern and Western medicines.

We look at the whole picture of your health. We are dedicated to identifying the causes of illnesses, utilizing integrated East and West Medicine,  stem cell to restore, repair and rejuvenate your precious body and mind.

There are several reasons why patients choose weMED Health for Functional Medicine Therapy and Total Wellness:

– All stem cell products are processed in FDA-licensed cord banks or labs.
– Minimal manipulation of the cells without Multiplication or expansion.
– Our doctors are surgeons (like Dr. David Mayer), or American Association of Blood Bank (AABB) certified cellular therapy providers, like Dr. Bing You, who is the only doctor certified by AABB in the Houston area. AABB is the worldwide leader in setting the industry standards for Blood Transfusion, Organ Transplant, and Functional Medicine Therapy.
– Dr. Bing You has passed AABB’s 12 modules of intensive training and tests on Stem Cell and Cellular therapy.

– Dr. Bing You is leading the nation-wide most successful wellness program. The wellness program is built around the Five Pillars of Health (Nutrition, Detox, Brain Health, Hormone, and Fitness) after extensive tests and assessment of patient conditions.

– weMED provides 6 months Functional Medicine Therapy follow-up program, to ensure over 95% satisfaction rate.   
– Focus on autologous adipose and bone marrow stem cell, or the young and abundant umbilical cord stem cell.
– We are participating in the National Stem Cell Center’s application of an IND and IRB.
– Our prices are affordable
– 0% Financing available to those who qualify.

Don’t just take our word for it. Every day, people just like you are seeing us for Functional Medicine Therapy and getting relief from chronic illnesses and diseases they thought were permanent.

Just think how your life can be improved, too!

 Shoulder & Knee Pain Relief

“I had injections into my left shoulder and left knee and felt improvement almost immediately. I thought, well this can’t be real, but it was, from the x-ray, I don’t need knee replacement anymore. I can walk upstairs, I can get on the floor with my grandkids, and I just feel better!” – Terri C

Back Pain, Neuropathy, and Erectile Dysfunction

“On August 18, 2018, I had the Intravenous and Intranasal stem cell procedure. It is now October 18, and I can tell you that my results have been amazing: my back pain is 50% better, it only takes me 20 minutes (used to be 2-3 hours) to fall asleep now, I am  able to walk most days with minimal pain, 50% more energy, 70% better with Erectile Function. With the lifestyle changes I have learned from weMED, I have been able to lose over 20lbs.” – Jace T.

Our clients give us a 95% success rate with reducing or eliminating their chronic pain and diseases with Functional Medicine Therapy.

You can join them. What will your success story look like?

We can start writing it together today. Call us to schedule an initial consultation.

Do Stem Cells really work?

Over 95% report a greatly improved quality of life after treatment and satisfaction with the procedure.

Is the procedure FDA-regulated?

Yes. The treatment is a class 361 product, which means it’s not classified as a drug. The product is minimally manipulated and manufactured by an FDA licensed cord bank. Every Stem Cell injection is reported to the FDA for monitoring purposes and to ensure that as your results keep getting better, we learn more on how to keep improving them.

How do I qualify for the treatment?

One of our Healthcare Providers will assess your specific health goals and determine if stem cell therapy is right for you. If your evaluation shows that Stem Cell therapy is right for you, we will perform the procedure at your convenience

How do I get started?

Simply call our office and one of our medical providers will perform a health evaluation to see if you qualify for stem cell therapy.

Is stem cell treatment affordable and will my insurance cover it?

Stem Cell therapy is VERY affordable. Unfortunately, health insurance will not cover most stem cell procedures but on average, they are less than 90% cheaper than the cost of invasive surgery. Stem cell therapy for procedures like knee injuries or disk issues can range from 5,000$ to 20,000$

Disk fusions or knee replacements as covered by health insurance can run into the hundreds of thousands of dollars and oftentimes don’t get the same successful outcomes that stem cell therapy generates. At weMED we can accommodate nearly all budgets and you can use your HAS or FLEX spending account. At the end of the day, we will assure you a better quality of life at a very affordable price

Is stem cell therapy safe?

Generally speaking yes! But it may also depend on where the clinic gets the stem cell and how they determined to apply the stem cell. Among Stem Cell therapies we’ve found that amniotic and umbilical tissue allograft is particularly safe and successful. The procedure has been used in over 300,000 cases without side-effects.

These stem cells also contain growth factors, proteins, and natural cytokines to ensure the best healing response.

How much recovery time is needed?

Virtually none. We ask that you take it easy for the first 2 – 8 weeks following your procedure so that you don’t disrupt the healing process.

WeMed Health Functional Medicine Therapy

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