Welcome! In order to best serve you, please print and fill out the form below and bring with you to your first appointment (click to download):

Check out our tips below for having a great experience before, during, and after your first appointment.

Before your session, do these things to set yourself up for a great visit:

  • Get a good night’s sleep
  • Avoid caffeine before acupuncture treatment(you may have it after:), since the neurotransmitters will be affected by coffee.
  • Eat a regular meal a before your appointment (avoid a heavy meal, but we don’t want you to come to treatment on an empty stomach)
  • Avoid intense exercise before and after your treatment (moderate exercise is fine, just make sure not to over-do it)
  • Please do not brush your tongue before your session. The condition of your tongue is an essential diagnostic tool used in Traditional Chinese Medicine.

During your appointment, we follow this format:

  • The practitioner will interview you about your health and perform a routine physical exam tailored to your particular ailment. This exam may include an examination of your heart rate, blood pressure, sensory and motor function, reflex testing, or other special tests depending on your needs. You will also open your mouth and show us your tongue, which might feel silly, but is very important to your care plan, your tongue or your face could the map of your health conditions. Tongue, or facial or pulse diagnosis is are extremely powerful diagnostic tool along side with conventional medicine testing. All those info will used to determine what the best wellness plan and therapies you will be needed.
  • Next, the practitioner will commence the acupuncture or other therapies, carefully and gently applying needles where appropriate. The needles will remain in place for about 20 – 30 minutes, depending on your treatment plan. You may feel a needling sensation or a heavy tingling. That feeling is your energy flow. Most likely, you will feel very relaxed once the needles are in place.
  • You will be covered with towels or blanket, sleep or rest about 30 minutes, you may move your extremities and adjust position gently. But do call us right away if there is any pain.
  • You will handed with a Call Button (Like a restaurant pager:), please press the “Press “ button, whenever you feel discomfort or need any help.

After your appointment, you can expect:

  • Many of you To feel relaxed and relieved.
  • Very few patients may experience a slight woozy feeling or temporary soreness, but it should subside quickly. Very rarely, a patient may feel a lot of pain or fatigue, if you have general body inflammation and long term chronic condition.
  • Occasionally, very few of you may feel dizzy or nausea feeling, it is because of hypoglycemia, please do tell our team member and we will help you feel better right away.
  • You need to drink half glass of water, can do moderate intensity exercise and all daily activities, but not consuming large amount of alcohol.

Regarding medications: You need to continue your medication as usual, or reduced it until you discuss with the prescribe physician. We will not tell you how to reduce medication, but we do tell you to talk to your doctor regarding how to do so when your health is improving.

We look forward to meeting you and serving your needs as best we can.