Stem cells are one of the best and most important developments in Western medicine. The simple fact that they can be used for any number of ways to help the human body heal. The unique quality about stem cells is that they can grow to resemble any kind of cells in the body. Thus, for the case of people who suffer from chronic pain, this can be a blessing.

Imagine if you or one of your family members have arthritis. The simple act of walking is a lesson in agony and prevents you from many aspects of healthy living. This can naturally lead to other health problems and evolve into life-threatening complications. But stem cells can provide the perfect solution to you.

By a simple injection of stem cells into the arthritis affected region like the knees or the neck, you can rapidly recover and begin leading a vastly improved life in terms of quality. The benefits of this treatment are clear and its popularity is bound to rise. But this does not mean that it is for the elite. Here are the main benefits you get from visiting Functional Medicine Therapy Center in Houston:

  1. Effective Treatment

Everyone knows that pain is one of the biggest hindrances from leading a healthy life. Despite our best efforts to prevent injury and illness, there are times we can get an injury or develop a debilitating medical condition. But this does not mean that we have to suffer for the remainder of our life. Now, with stem cells, we have a chance to live life without the pain that could take the very joy out of living. Moreover, our River Oaks Functional Medicine Therapy Center uses no pharmaceuticals as there is a danger of getting addicted to them. So, you get the benefit of pain reduction without any use of opiates.

  1. Affordability

Affordability is a major factor for most people when considering medical treatments. Many of them opt not to go for treatment for fear of the cost. But with stem cells, the money is not that big a concern. This is primarily because our Functional Medicine Therapy Center in Houston opts for minimal treatment rounds. So, this severely cuts down costs for patients and still lets them enjoy the benefit of becoming pain-free through stem cell treatment.

Why Should Our River Oaks Functional Medicine Therapy Center Be Your First Choice?

weMED Wellness center is one of the most famous complementary/alternative medicine clinics in Houston. Well-known as the premier Functional Medicine Therapy Center in Houston, it provides clients with a wonderful opportunity to live pain-free lives at a moderate cost. Further, our knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine allows us to complement the stem cell treatment with holistic medicines and procedures. This will go a long way in ensuring that your quality of life improves dramatically. If you are tired of living in pain and wary of the big pharma drug pit, then call 713-572-3888 and book an appointment today!