Thank You For Joining Our Webinar Today

“Hypertension Natural Solutions”

Because you participated in today’s webinar, you have the opportunity to receive a deeply discounted initial consultation which includes:

Because you participated in today’s webinar, you have the opportunity to receive a deeply discounted initial consultation which includes:

✅ Consultation of Top 5 Health Concerns
✅ Medications and Medical History Evaluation
✅ Nerve, Circulation, and Meridian Examination

✅ Joint Examination, Adrenal Fatigue Testing, Urine Toxicity Testing
✅ One Xray ($40 for each additional X-ray)
✅ Action Plan For Your Health (We work with your doctors)

Normal cost is $247 but today you will receive a discount rate of $87

We Are Proud Of The Patients We’ve Helped!

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Insurance & Fees

1. We do take insurance.

Unfortunately, in Texas, most of the insurance plans (including Medicare) don’t cover services like acupuncture, nutrition, and wellness programs. Whereas in Florida, California, New York, New Mexico, and Oregon, most of the plans cover acupuncture, etc.

2. Investment in Health
Even though you have to pay out of pocket, if your chronic diseases are reversed and medications are reduced (like many of our patients), you may avoid going to hospital, surgeries, and taking medications. You will save organs from damage and thousands or millions of dollars.

Care Credit Financing

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Normal Rates

Initial Comprehensive Wellness Evaluation 1-1.5 hour (Consultation and Examination value) $247.00
Limited time offer or attending webinar! $200 off full retail value Now $87.00
Wellness Program Design, Fitness, and Nutrition Consultation $450.00 – $2200.00
Retune and update Wellness Program $200.00 to $1200.00
Follow-Up Visit/Per Session $110.00 – $145.00
Acupuncture Only $125.00
Electrical Stimulation, Infrared Heat $10.00 each
Moxibustion $20.00
Med-Light Therapy $30.00
Cupping $65.00
Heat Compressing $30.00
Auricular Acupressure $20.00
Acupressure and Trigger Point Therapy/5 minutes $20.00
Meridian Massage/60 minutes $80.00
Comprehensive Re-exam $90.00
Lymphatic Special Therapy  $300.00
Standard Herbal Formulas $15.00 – $35.00
Specialty Herbal Formulas/Supplements (weight loss) $65.00 – $125.00
Therapeutic Procedures, Exercises and Qigong $55.00
Herbal Consult Only, no Acupuncture $65.00
Nutritional and lifestyle coaching $105.00
Micronutrients, Food Intolerance and Heavy Metal Sensitivities Test $136.00
Microbiome, Gut Flora and Parasites Testing $287.00
Hormones, such as Cortisol, Testosterone and such $150.00 – $450.00
Standard Functional Bood Test $388.00
Facial Cosmetic Acupuncture $150

Additional Services:

Haven’t visited weMED in over six months? Schedule your Reactivation Exam today for only $67!
We also offer House Call Appointments for $60.00 (covers Travel + After Hour, does not include treatment) plus the treatment fee

Cancellation Policy

We recognize our patients’ commitment to improving their health; as such, we strive to spend quality time with every patient. We understand that situations arise and we will make every effort to accommodate reschedules with appropriate notice.

To continue this standard of care for our patients, we have adopted a cancellation policy as of Oct. 1st, 2010.

Follow-Up Patients

Cancellation requires notice of one business day in advance of your appointment. In case of a no-show or cancellation without timely notice, a $50 fee will be assessed.