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Women, The Hero!

“Women hold half of the sky up!” – Chinese proverb.

That is true! Childbearing, child laboring, and child caring are miracles that women do every day to bring life into the world. Monthly hormone fluctuations, family and job responsibilities, stress and all the love provided to the world can take their toll and cause mood swings, energy ups and downs, and accelerated aging.

weMED Clinics Address Root Causes Naturally.
Reduce and Eliminate Symptoms and Medications.

With Functional Medicine, Chinese Medicine, and Acupuncture, weMED Clinics’ 5 Pillars of Health Program removes toxins, calms inflammation, repairs the body with proper nutrition, restores hormone balance, rejuvenates the brain, and relaxes you with individually-designed fitness plans.

weMED Can Solve:

1. Insomnia & Mood Swings (Depression & Anxiety)

Our busy schedules can cause hormone fluctuations, which can disrupt neurotransmitters and alter your sleep and mood. Once the neurotransmitters and hormones are rebalanced, your sleep and mood will improve.

See how Bernadine is feeling better:

2. Hypothyroidism (Hashimoto Thyroiditis), Fatigue and Brain Fog

Hypothyroidism often results in brain fog, fatigue, memory loss and weight gain. Those symptoms may still exist even after taking medications because the root causes are still there.

Check out how Afrou reversed her hashimoto thyroiditis:

3. Dysmenorrhea

Periods are not supposed to be painful! It should flow smoothly and be pain free. Talk to weMED about how we can help.

4. Infertility

Having a baby is the greatest thing in the world! weMED Clinics founders, Drs You and Ma, have a son that is 16 now and they know the happiness of raising a child. Infertility can be caused by hormone imbalance, digestive issues, sleep issues, and stress or energy blockage!

After having four miscarriages in one year, one of weMED Clinics’ partner Dr. George and his wife worked with Dr. You. They now have two healthy girls after Dr. You worked with her to rebalance her hormones and soothe her inflamed body.

See her report below:

5. Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS) & Fibroids

Autoimmune reactions are often involved in PCOS and Fibroids and can cause infertility, weight gain, facial hair growth, skin darkening and mood swings. PCOS or fibroids may be dissolved or reduced.

Just like Bernardine’s autoimmune conditions are improved:

6. Diabetes and Hypertension

Diabetes and hypertension are ticking time-bombs in the body. They can create a financial burden and destroy your life without warning. weMED Clinics can help you achieve your health goals without medications like many of our other patients.

See Wendy’s Story Below:

7. Arthritis

Avoid knee replacements and be pain free! Don’t accept that arthritis is normal as we age. Live your best life! Arthritis medications cause stomach ulcers and liver and kidney damage.

Arthritis can be delayed or reversed, just like Jon and Janine:

8. Kidney Failure and Heart Failure

Avoid dialysis and heart or kidney transplant! weMED Clinics’ Heart Program, Kidney Program and Lung Program might save your life.

For Kidney Failure, see Jackie and Paula’s results:

For Heart conditions, see Wendy’s Report below:

9. Allergies and Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease (COPD)

Allergies, though common, are easy to eliminate. COPD, though scary, can also be addressed naturally at weMED Clinics.

Carol’s allergies and hearing loss are reversed:

Joseph’s amazing results with COPD:

10. Belly Fat and Healthy Weight

Having a hard time losing belly fat or body weight? They are caused by thyroid and estrogen hormone imbalance, high cortisol due to stress, chronic inflammation, antidepressant and many other medications. Our answer is: No, it is not difficult to lose 10-100 lbs healthy.

Check out Bernardine’s transformation of her health and weight loss below.

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