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Reversing Kidney Failure Might Be Possible


Your nephrologist told you that your kidney function is not reversible, and you need kidney dialysis or a kidney transplant. Under our weMED Kidney Program Care, some of our patients avoided kidney dialysis or transplant. 1. Kidney Function ✅ Remove waste products from the body 200 quarts water= 198 (recovered, albumin) + 2 (Excreted, BUN, Creatinine) Electrolytes (Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium, Acid-Base (ions))✅ Remove drugs from the body✅ Balance the body’s fluids✅ Release hormones that regulate blood pressure✅ Produce an active form of vitamin D that promotes strong, healthy bones✅ Control the production of red blood cells 2. US population of [...]

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The Secret to a Natural-Looking Facial Rejuvenation


Your epidermis transforms over time, and your face is generally the first place where you can see your age. As your skin thins and becomes more sensitive, lines and wrinkles begin to appear. Aging skin is commonly caused by repeated facial expressions, UV exposure, and collagen loss. Your skin becomes crepey, wrinkles develop around your eyes, nose, and mouth,and your cheeks lose the volume they once had. While you can't turn back the clock, you don't have to put up with skin that makes you appear older than you are. The Secret to a Natural-Looking Facial Rejuvenation [...]

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Understanding Prostate Problems


The prostate gland (also known as the prostate) is a male reproductive organ. It's around the size of a walnut and can be discovered towards the bladder's base. The prostate gland houses the urethra, a narrow tube that permits urine and sperm to exit the penis. The prostate gland produces alkaline fluid that helps to nourish sperm and then exits the urethra as ejaculate (semen). There are two major growth surges in the prostate. The first is fueled by the testes' production of sex hormones during puberty. This causes the prostate to grow to a weight of 20 grams on [...]

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