Your nephrologist told you that your kidney function is not reversible, and you need kidney dialysis or a kidney transplant.
Under our weMED Kidney Program Care, some of our patients avoided kidney dialysis or transplant.

weMED Clinics - chronic diseases - medicine alternative, Houston TX
weMED Clinics - chronic diseases - medicine alternative, Houston TX

1. Kidney Function

✅ Remove waste products from the body 200 quarts water= 198 (recovered, albumin) + 2 (Excreted, BUN, Creatinine) Electrolytes (Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium, Acid-Base (ions))
 Remove drugs from the body
 Balance the body’s fluids
 Release hormones that regulate blood pressure
 Produce an active form of vitamin D that promotes strong, healthy bones
 Control the production of red blood cells

2. US population of Kidney Failure and Causes of Kidney Failure

Patient needs dialysis if eGFR (estimated Glomerulus Filtering Rate)< 15% (Stage V)

6% US population: Stage 1,2
4.5% US population: Stage 3, 4

Most common causes in the US:

✅ Diabetic Nephropathy
✅ Hypertension
✅ Glomerulonephritis (autoimmune, Lupus, IgA Nephropathy)
✅ Polycystic Kidney disease
✅ Nephrotic syndrome
✅ Urinary tract problems: Enlarged prostate, stone.

3. American Treatment: Dialysis and transplant, patient getting worse and worse

Avoid hemodialysis
Avoid hemodialysis

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4. weMED Treatment: 5 Pillars of Health

To reduce or eliminate the causes (such as diabetes, hypertension, autoimmune diseases and prostate issues…), and many patients’ kidney function is improved.

Case Studies

Case 1: Paul

5. Improved Paul’s Kidney Function eGFR from 45% to 65%

Case 2: Darrel

6. Improved Darrel’s kidney function from 12% to 25 %

Real Patient Case Studies

7. Jackie Mayhorn avoided kidney dialysis (eGFR increased from 12% on July 27, 2020 to 22% on December 20 , 2020, swollen feet became normal)

8. weMED Improved Paula’s kidney function, watch her report:

9. Improved Eduado’s Kidney function, now he can play soccer without problems.