• Your doctor may have told you that your kidney function is not reversible, and that you need kidney dialysis or a kidney transplant.
  • Through our weMED Kidney Program, we have helped the majority of our patients improve their kidney function and many have avoided kidney dialysis and even avoided a kidney transplant.

HOW and WHY?
While working with your nephrologists, we focus on eliminating the root causes that caused your kidney damage in the first place. We do this by utilizing nutrition, detoxification, fitness, and powerful natural therapies to heal the kidney. This helps prevent the need of dialysis.

Who needs dialysis?
Dialysis is meant to supplement your body’s detoxing function. When eGFR is under 15% (your kidney can only filter and clean 15% of your blood at this point), you have an excess amount of toxin, such as Blood Urea Nitrogen (BUN) and Creatinine, accumulating in your blood stream, cells, and brain, which poison your whole body, making you feel horrible.

This season in life that should be enjoyed will be cut short dramatically, as you will have to go to the hospital three times a week up to 4 hours each time for dialysis.

Let’s prevent kidney dialysis before it is too late! You should be very concerned if your kidney function, eGFR, is below 60%. (as you can see, once the function is below 15%, the chance of reversing the disease is very thin):

Step 1. Understanding the Kidney Function:

Your kidneys not only remove toxins, but also balance PH value, produce vitamin D, as well as hormones that control blood pressure and produce red blood cells. 

You have to address the causes of the problem to make it better. Besides stress, some medications and chemicals contribute to kidney function decline as well, the following table highlights the 5 main causes of kidney failure:

Step 2. Understanding the causes of kidney disease:

Medications controlling diabetes and high blood pressure are usually effective at treating those diseases, but less effective at slowing down the progression of kidney diseases. Dialysis only helps remove trash downstream, while a kidney transplant will provide you with a new kidney. If the initial insult which killed your own kidneys is still there, the new kidney will be damaged quickly. 

Step 3. Understanding that Conventional treatment is amazing: 

Function of the Kidney

✅ Remove waste products from the body 200 quarts water= 198 (recovered, albumin) + 2 (Excreted, BUN, Creatinine) Electrolytes (Calcium, Sodium, Magnesium, Acid-Base (ions))
 Remove drugs from the body
 Balance the body’s fluids
 Release hormones that regulate blood pressure
 Produce an active form of vitamin D that promotes strong, healthy bones
 Control the production of red blood cells

Population & Causes of Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD)

Patient needs dialysis if eGFR (estimated Glomerulus Filtering Rate)< 15% (Stage V)

6% US population: Stage 1,2
4.5% US population: Stage 3, 4
1-2% US population: Stage 5

Most common causes in the US:

✅ Diabetic Nephropathy
✅ Hypertension
✅ Glomerulonephritis (autoimmune, Lupus, IgA Nephropathy)
✅ Polycystic Kidney disease
✅ Nephrotic syndrome
✅ Urinary tract problems: Enlarged prostate, stone.

Dialysis and Kidney Transplant

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Step 4: weMED Kidney Program addresses the causes and eliminates the toxins at the origin.

A. Reversing most diabetes and hypertension illnesses, which are 80% of kidney disease cases.
B. Clearing inflammation, providing proper diet guidance, even shrinking an enlarged prostate, all help reduce kidney stress.
C. Improving natural kidney performance and function

Step 5. Many successful cases can be your heroes to follow.

Case 1: Paul

Paul eGFR increased from: 45 – 65

Case 2: Darrel

Darrel eGFR increased from 12 – 25

Case 3: Jackie

Jackie Mayhorn avoided kidney dialysis (eGFR increased from 12% on July 27, 2020 to 22% on December 20 , 2020, swollen feet became normal)

Jackie Mayhorn, Stage V back to Stage IV

Testimonial- weMED Houston
Jackie Swollen feet due to kidney failure

weMED Improved Paula’s kidney function, watch her report:

Improved Eduado’s Kidney function, now he can play soccer without problems.
Frank kidney function up from 25% to 47%: