Stem Cell Therapy to regrow cartilage!


Stem Cell Therapy to Regrow Cartilage! Research has found that stem cell treatments are effective for knee pain. WeMED Health and The American Stem Cell Foundation in Houston utilize evidence-based Eastern and Western medicine and combine regenerative medicine such as FDA-regulated Stem Cell Therapy. weMED Health has successfully helped the majority of its patients regrow their cartilage. The cartilage covering the ends of the bones enables the bones to glide smoothly against one another with only slight friction. Stem cell therapy uses the body’s own healing mechanisms to help repair and slow the deterioration of body tissues. In [...]

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Is your Kidney function failing?


Is Your Kidney Function Failing? Chronic kidney disease occurs when a disease or condition impairs kidney function, causing kidney damage to worsen over several months or years. In the early stages of chronic kidney disease, you may have few signs or symptoms. Chronic kidney disease may not become apparent until your kidney function is significantly impaired. Many factors that may increase your risk of chronic kidney disease include: Diabetes is one of the biggest factors that increases your risk for kidney disease. Blood pressure that is too high (hypertension) means your heart is working too hard [...]

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Reversing Hypertension to Prevent Stroke and Heart Attack


Are You Scared Of Hypertension? Because it is a silent killer hiding in your body, making your blood vessels in the heart and brain harder and stiffer, or even narrower.” Hypertension is also known as high blood pressure is determined both by the amount of blood your heart pumps and the amount of resistance to blood flow in your arteries. Blood pressure is determined both by the amount of blood your heart pumps and the amount of resistance to blood flow in your arteries. Blood Pressure is a common condition in which the long-term force of the blood [...]

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Manage Parkinson’s Disease Naturally?


Manage Parkinson’s Disease Naturally? Parkinson’s disease symptoms include muscle rigidity, tremors, and changes in speech and gait. More people are being diagnosed with Parkinson's disease than can be explained.  Parkinson's disease affects about 1% of the population above age 60, making it the most common neurodegenerative disease after Alzheimer's. Genetics account for about 10% of Parkinson's cases. Complementary and alternative medicine is defined as a diverse group of medical therapies, interventions, treatments, practices, and products that share in common their exclusion from conventional western medicine practices. By combining Western with Eastern medicine [...]

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Shoulder Pain Rotator Cuff Tear


Rotator Cuff Tear and Shoulder Pain Any kind of pain can affect your ability to function normally and can decrease your overall quality of life. The mobility of our arms provides the means to complete daily tasks and work, but with repetitive movements, stress, and aging your shoulders can suffer injury. With proper diagnosis and whole-body treatment, you can find relief and healing. The Anatomical Structures The shoulder joint is one of the most complex joints with only several ligaments and tendons to hold the head of the humerus, the glenoid cavity, and the process of scapular together. There [...]

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How to Prevent A Heart Attack


How to Plan Not to Have a Heart Attack A heart attack is the No. 1 killer for men and women. In the United States, 50% of heart disease victims learned about their illness by experiencing a fatal heart attack. What is a Heart Attack, Why You May Have Another One? According to Mayo Clinic, A heart attack occurs when the flow of blood to the heart is blocked. The blockage is most often a buildup of fat, cholesterol, calcium, and other substances, which forms a plaque in the arteries that feed the heart (coronary arteries); narrowing of the [...]

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A Houston Stress Management Program Can Help You Manage Your Stress


Finding a Houston Stress Management Program If you find that you are experiencing extreme stress at work and are having difficulties at home, it may be time to consider a Houston stress management program. With the proper tools and the right practitioners by your side, managing the pressures and stress of daily life can be much more doable. This is true no matter your age, gender, profession or family situation. Sometimes it just takes the right help to get you back on target to living a healthy lifestyle. At weMED Wellness, we believe in incorporating the five pillars of health in [...]

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Houston Tui-Na Acupressure Massage Therapy Has Many Health Benefits 


Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) has a wide range of practices that have been used for centuries to alleviate physical problems. At the same time, they have also been used to improve the mental condition of patients. It is only natural to not feel at your best if your body is in distress. Even the most minor forms of discomfort can lead to deterioration in the quality of life. That is why the Chinese masters of medicine devised many ways to help people regain their proper body functioning. Acupressure or Tui-Na, as it is traditionally called, has been one of the most [...]

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Houston Wellness Clinic Offers Comprehensive Healthcare


Has your doctor ever mentioned the Five Pillars of Health? If your doctor has a conventional western practice, chances are good that he or she has never mentioned this concept. That's probably because western medicine tends to be segregated, which means that patients may have one caregiver for general medical concerns, another for diabetes and a third that helps to support good mental health. In this system, the various health professionals who provide care for the same individual rarely, if ever, communicate with each other. Frequently, one is not aware of the existence of the others. The result is that the [...]

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Houston Acupuncture Doctor Offers Moxibustion and Thermotherapy Treatment in Houston


What is Moxibustion and Thermotherapy Treatment in Houston? Acupuncture is one of the hallmarks of pain relief and an integral part of the therapies that weMED Wellness has to offer. We pride ourselves on spending quality time with each patient to develop the most proactive and comprehensive treatment plan using our trusted Eastern medicine therapies. Moxibustion brings additional elements of heat and herbs to acupuncture to help relax muscles and allow for deeper healing. A moxibustion practitioner can help enhance and renew your overall circulation by lighting a special combination of herbs attached to a stick that is placed close to [...]

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