WeMED helped Aaron, a Desert Storm veteran, reduce his chronic pain and PTSD symptoms, which enabled him to get off disability.

When Aaron came to weMED in early 2016, he suffered chronic pain and fatigue. All told, Aaron had experienced lower back and leg pain for 16 years, withstanding eleven surgeries that didn’t help much. He also endured pain from sports injuries to his hands and fingers for five years, as well as pain in his foot due to a bone spur. On top of that, Aaron had been diagnosed with Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD) from his deployment, and his PTSD was so debilitating that he was disabled. He was also hit by a car, which made all these symptoms worse. He was overweight, always tired from too little sleep, and dependent on coffee. He felt 20 years older than he was and reported having a very low libido.

After his initial consultation and subsequent treatment, weMED significantly reduced his pain, increased his energy levels without stimulants, and helped him get a handle on his PTSD.

Our measurements are on a scale of 1-10, with 1 representing virtually no pain and completely healthy, and 10 representing the worst pain you’ve ever felt or very unhealthy.

Symptom Results After Six Months of weMED Treatment
Lower Back Pain—

Regular, severe pain of 7/10

  Decreased lower back pain to 2/10
Right Leg Pain —

Constant, intense pain of 6/10

  Decreased right leg pain to 1/10
Hands and fingers pain from sports injuries—

Overwhelming pain of 8/10

  Reduced pain levels to 1/10
Bone Spur Pain in Right Foot 8/10   Reduced pain levels to 2/10
PTSD-induced poor sleep quality 9/10 Increased sleep quality 1/10

dysfunctional rating of 8/10

  • Improved quality of libido
  • Current dysfunction rating of only 2/10

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