Case Studies

Case Studies: Menopause and other Health problems treated with Acupuncture


Menopause and other Health problems treated with Acupuncture Ms. Nancy A. visited our office when she was 74 years old. Even in her 70s, she was still experiencing menopause symptoms together with other health problems which started around menopause. The following is her story told by her. November 11, 2020 "While always taking care of my health and keeping up to date on annual physicals and recommended tests and shots I was not satisfied with my overall health. I had several health issues, type 2 diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, and thyroid along with weight gain. My physicians always [...]

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Case Studies: Child with Tourette’s Syndrome


Helping Child with Tourette’s Syndrome Excel WeMED had the pleasure of treating A.B., a ten-year-old child diagnosed with Tourette’s syndrome. After a six-week course of acupuncture and herbal treatment, A.B. demonstrated significant improvement in school performance. The following is an excerpt from an email sent from A.B.’s teacher to A.B.’s mother. I wanted to take a minute to let you know how proud I am of A.B.! He is doing SO well this year. He seems to be really “tuned in” to our lessons and is such a great participant. He can sound out more difficult words without help and [...]

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Case Studies: Child’s Hearing


Restoring Child’s Hearing with Acupuncture My son has experienced recurring ear infections since he was three years old. For two years, we treated his ear infections with antibiotics, but it was only a matter of time before he got sick with another infection. The persistent fluid collection in his ears began to affect his hearing, so when he was five years old, we took him to an ENT specialist to insert ear tubes. The ear tubes worked for two years, and we had no problems, but after the tubes fell out, the fluid collection returned as did his hearing problems. [...]

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Case Studies: Child’s Severe Allergies


Alleviating Child’s Severe Allergies with Acupressure My 9-year-old son has been coming to the weMED Clinic since August of 2013. When my son was very young, he started exhibiting seasonal allergy symptoms. By the time he was eight years old, however, his symptoms had worsened to the point where he had allergy symptoms almost daily and caught colds very easily. I didn’t know what to do, and I didn’t want to give him antihistamines because of the possible side effects. While searching for an acupuncturist who would treat children, I finally found Dr. You and Dr. Ma at the weMED [...]

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Case Studies: Child’s Chronic Ear Infections


A Lasting Solution for Child’s Chronic Ear Infections My infant son’s persistent ear infections began in November 2013, just before his first birthday. Nothing seemed to stop the onslaught of ear infections. It only took a few days after we completed one course of antibiotics for my son to get another ear infection, which demanded a whole new round of antibiotics. It got so bad that my pediatrician told me that, if he got one more infection, my son would have to go to an ENT for ear tubes. Even though I am a nurse and have many friends whose [...]

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Case Studies: Warren Crohn’s Disease, Weight Loss


weMED helped Warren combat his Crohn’s disease, kickstart his weight loss journey, wrangle his high blood pressure, reduce his plantar fasciitis. When Warren first visited weMED, he struggled with a nasty case of Crohn’s disease. Because of the corticosteroids he took to treat his Crohn’s, he was severely overweight. Additionally, he had advanced hypertension and dangerously high blood pressure. An incapacitating case of plantar fasciitis prevented him from being active or exercising, and his Crohn’s disease sabotaged his attempts at eating a healthy diet. Warren’s low energy levels forced him to leave work early nearly every day, and he felt [...]

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Case Studies: Tiffany Nausea, Vomiting, Restless Sleep


Tiffany, who suffered from nausea, vomiting, and restless sleep as side effects of her chemotherapy treatments, came to weMED to regain her quality of life. When Tiffany, a spiritual healing teacher, first visited weMED, she had already been diagnosed with Stage XX breast cancer, and her doctors had found cancerous cells in her lymph nodes and liver. Tiffany was determined to beat her cancer and was undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments. While she was committed to her cancer treatments, she wanted a solution to the debilitating side effects of chemo and radiation, like overwhelming nausea and vomiting, her slow digestive [...]

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Case Studies: Sheila Anxiety, Chronic Fatigue


weMED treated Sheila, a healthcare provider, for her long battle with acne as well as her anxiety and chronic fatigue, which helped her find her confidence. When Sheila first visited weMED, she was looking for a solution to the severe acne she had suffered since she was a teenager. On top of that, she suffered from intense anxiety, as well as chronic fatigue, long-term indigestion and bloating, and inflammation. Once weMED assessed her condition during her initial consultation, our weMED doctors successfully reduced Sheila’s acne as well as healing her old acne scars. We also eliminated her chronic indigestion, lessened [...]

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Case Studies: Megan Reproductive Issues, Digestive Troubles


weMED treated Megan for her fertility and reproductive issues, as well as reducing her fatigue and low energy, back pain and stiffness, and digestive troubles. When Megan first came to weMED, she had already suffered three miscarriages over the previous year and was determined to carry a healthy pregnancy to term. When she was pregnant, she experienced terrible morning sickness and could not eat a balanced diet. She also suffered from debilitating premenstrual symptoms, heavy bleeding and cramps during her period, and digestive trouble. On top of everything else, Megan also experienced chronic pain and stiffness from an old sports [...]

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Case Studies: Maria Post-Stroke Paralysis


weMED treated Maria, an 86-year old woman, by lessening the degree of her post-stroke paralysis, weakness, and numbness, which substantially improved the quality of her life. When Maria first visited weMED, she sought treatment for the lingering effects of a stroke. She suffered a combination of paralysis, weakness, and numbness over the entire left side of her body, which left her with painful tingling sensations in her arm and hand. She was unable to walk without a cane and could not cover more than few steps at a time. Additionally, Maria suffered from incontinence, loss of memory, allergies, and inflammation [...]

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