Cheryl found help from weMED to overcome not only her struggle with infertility, but also her chronic vertigo, poor digestion, and debilitating asthma and allergies. 

Cheryl first visited weMED in March 2015, seeking treatment for infertility. Cheryl and her husband had been trying unsuccessfully for a baby for five years, during which she suffered irregular menstruation and received a diagnosis of Polycystic Ovary Syndrome (“PCOS”). On top of her struggle to conceive, Cheryl also suffered from vertigo and dizziness as well poor digestion marked by abdominal pain, bloating and loose stool. Additionally, Cheryl took Claritin and Albuterol for her acute asthma and allergies. She also reported experiencing easy bruising, poor circulation and intolerance to cold, pain in her right shoulder and neck, inflammation, and unexplained frequent urination.

After her initial consultation and subsequent treatment, our weMED doctors worked closely with Cheryl’s reproductive endocrinologist to improve her progesterone levels and treat her PCOS. We also addressed her vertigo and relieved her poor digestion and allergies. Our doctors also successfully eliminated her poor circulation, intolerance to cold, and the pain in her shoulder and neck.

Our measurements are on a scale of 1-10, with 1 representing virtually no pain and completely healthy, and 10 representing the worst pain you’ve ever felt or very unhealthy.

Symptom Results After Ten Months of weMED Treatment
Infertility – 10/10 Conceived, normal pregnancy, and gave birth to a healthy baby – 1/10
Vertigo – 8/10 Reduction in symptoms – 1/10
Poor Digestion – 7/10 Reduction in symptoms – 2/10
Easy Bruising – 7/10 Much improved – 3/10
Frequent Urination – 8/10 Returned to normal function – 1/10
Cold hands and feet, intolerance to cold – 7/10 100% elimination of symptoms – 1/10
Pain in Right Shoulder, Tightness and Pain in Neck – 7/10 100% elimination of symptoms – 1/10
Allergies and Asthma – 7/10 Needs medication only occasionally – 3/10
Inflammation – 8/10 95% reduction in symptoms – 1/10

Cheryl achieved her dream of becoming the mother of a healthy child. For help with the struggle with infertility, schedule your consultation appointment today.

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