A Lasting Solution for Child’s Chronic Ear Infections

My infant son’s persistent ear infections began in November 2013, just before his first birthday. Nothing seemed to stop the onslaught of ear infections. It only took a few days after we completed one course of antibiotics for my son to get another ear infection, which demanded a whole new round of antibiotics. It got so bad that my pediatrician told me that, if he got one more infection, my son would have to go to an ENT for ear tubes. Even though I am a nurse and have many friends whose kids have ear tubes, I didn’t want my son to have surgery for tubes if he didn’t have to.

As a last resort, my pediatrician recommended me to Dr. You.  After assessing my son, Dr. You explained that his immune system was not strong enough to fight off all the infections, and he wanted to strengthen it with acupuncture, acupressure, Chinese herbs, and cupping, without antibiotics. The first treatment with needles was a little scary for me to watch, but after a few treatments, my son wasn’t bothered by the needles anymore. More importantly, he hasn’t had a single ear infection since we began treatment with Dr. You in March 2014! My pediatrician told me that my son’s ears look, “better than they ever have” and “whatever you’re doing, keep doing it!” I truly believe Dr. You saved my son from undergoing surgery.

Furthermore, I also started treatment with Dr. You for migraines. He reviewed my health history, explained how acupuncture could help me, and devised a treatment plan. Since I started treatment with Dr. You, I have not had a single migraine, and I feel a sense of balance. This practice works! I wish there more people knew about the weMED Clinic. It really is the best of Western and Eastern medicine combined!


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