Restoring Child’s Hearing with Acupuncture

My son has experienced recurring ear infections since he was three years old. For two years, we treated his ear infections with antibiotics, but it was only a matter of time before he got sick with another infection. The persistent fluid collection in his ears began to affect his hearing, so when he was five years old, we took him to an ENT specialist to insert ear tubes. The ear tubes worked for two years, and we had no problems, but after the tubes fell out, the fluid collection returned as did his hearing problems. His ENT specialist advised us to insert ear tubes again, but we didn’t want to do the ear tubes again since that was not a permanent solution.

After a lot of research, we decided to try acupuncture. I reached out to Dr. You about my son, who said he was already treating a child for the same problem. During our initial appointment, Dr. You examined my son’s ears and agreed that he had a severe problem, but Dr. You was confident that he could help us. Dr. You treated my son with acupuncture, cupping, and herbal therapy. After ten sessions of treatment over two months, my son’s ENT specialist administered a hearing test for my son. Stunningly, the specialist found that my son’s hearing had improved and that there was no fluid in his ear. The specialist assured us that there was no longer a need for ear tubes.

Currently, my son still receives acupuncture, but only about once a month for maintenance. So far, we are very happy with the result. If the problem comes back, will update my testimonial.


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