weMED helped Lynda tackle her rosacea and eczema, while also eliminating the depression that had taken over her life.

By the time Lynda came to weMED because she had suffered from eczema and rosacea since childhood, and her symptoms had worsened considerably in the last year. Her condition led her to experience major depression. She felt anxious, irritable, discouraged, and distressed. The depression caused Lynda to shut down—she regularly missed work, lacked motivation for even necessary tasks, stopped exercising, and neglected her relationships. Additionally, Lynda suffered from fatigue, brain fog, poor sleep, impaired digestive function, and inflammation throughout her body.

After her initial consultation and subsequent treatment, weMED significantly improved her skin condition, reduced her fatigue and brain fog, and treated her digestion and sleep issues. Upon seeing these results, Lynda overcame her depression and regained control over her life.

Our measurements are on a scale of 1-10, with 1 representing virtually no pain and completely healthy, and 10 representing the worst pain you’ve ever felt or very unhealthy.

Symptom Results After Six Months of weMED Treatment
Rosacea and Eczema – 10/10 90% reduction in symptoms – 2/10
Skin cancer (Basal cell cancer) – 10/10 Cancer in full remission – 1/10
Brain Fog – 7/10 Very rarely experiences symptoms – 3/10
Poor Digestive Function – 6/10 Improved lifestyle with reduction in symptoms – 2.5/10
Fatigue – 7/10 Nearly eliminated all fatigue symptoms – 2.5/10
Poor Sleep – 8/10 Much fewer sleepless nights – 3/10
Depressive Mood (Lack of Motivation; Negative Impact Upon Close Relationships) – 8/10 Complete elimination of depressive symptoms – 1/10
Inflammation – 8/10 Nearly eliminated symptoms – 2/10

Lynda transformed her life by coming to weMED. To transform yours, schedule your consultation appointment today.

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