weMED helped Warren combat his Crohn’s disease, kickstart his weight loss journey, wrangle his high blood pressure, reduce his plantar fasciitis.

When Warren first visited weMED, he struggled with a nasty case of Crohn’s disease. Because of the corticosteroids he took to treat his Crohn’s, he was severely overweight. Additionally, he had advanced hypertension and dangerously high blood pressure. An incapacitating case of plantar fasciitis prevented him from being active or exercising, and his Crohn’s disease sabotaged his attempts at eating a healthy diet. Warren’s low energy levels forced him to leave work early nearly every day, and he felt ten years older.

Once weMED assessed Warren’s condition during his initial consultation, our weMED doctors nearly eliminated the symptoms of his Crohn’s disease. Once his Crohn’s was under control, they taught him about proper diet, which helped him lose weight and bring his blood pressure down. Our doctors also decreased the pain of his plantar fasciitis and raised his energy levels.

Our measurements are on a scale of 1-10, with 1 representing virtually no pain and completely healthy, and 10 representing the worst pain you’ve ever felt or very unhealthy.

Symptom Results After Six Months of weMED Treatment
Crohn’s Disease


Nearly eliminated his symptoms; as of March 2018, colonoscopy showed that his inflamed gut was 95% healed


Weight (268 lbs and 6’0’’)


Weight Loss (currently weights 243 lbs, loss of 25 lbs)


High Blood Pressure: 151/117




Plantar Fasciitis


Vast Improvement in pain level


Poor Diet


Dramatic improvement in diet


Low Energy


Feels much more energetic


Warren got help for his Crohn’s and dedicated himself to a healthy lifestyle. To do the same for yourself, schedule your consultation appointment today.

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