weMED Wellness Puts Patients on a Healthier Track


Wouldn’t it be amazing if there were a professional and trusted medical team that could help you live your life to the fullest using the ideal combination of Eastern and Western medicines? That is exactly what the weMED Wellness Center of Integrated Medicine aims to do. If you are looking for a Chinese medicine doctor in Houston who will truly listen to your concerns and provide you with the most holistic approach to healthy living, then you need to look no further than weMED Wellness.

Types of Conditions that weMED Wellness Treats

weMED Wellness provides a wide range of options for patient care. While patients turn to weMED Wellness for a spectrum of conditions, some of the most common conditions treated include allergies, asthma, cancer care, high cholesterol, diabetes, digestive problems, anti-aging, infertility, muscle, and joint pain, obesity and sleep disorders.


At weMED, we focus on the 5 pillars of health, which include nutrition, fitness, detoxification, brain health and hormones for a comprehensive health solution.

5 Pillars of Health - weMED Wellness

Many patients find that adopting a proactive and comprehensive approach to treating multiple conditions is the best and longest-lasting way to achieve their ideal health. The team at weMED Wellness works with each patient to understand their specific health issues and devise a treatment plan that is uniquely suited to their needs. This process starts with open communication between the patient and staff so that we can ensure accurate diagnosis of the patient’s condition or disease. Western medicine is especially helpful in the initial diagnostic process.

Eastern Treatment Programs Offered by weMED Wellness

While weMED Wellness offers some traditional family medicine care that those familiar with Western medicine would be accustomed to, this unique facility also specializes in some of the most effective and sought-after options for Eastern Medicine. These treatments and programs include yoga, acupuncture, massage, Chinese herbal medicine, Taichi, Reiki, meditation, Qigong, cupping, and moxibustion. Many of these treatments are aimed at addressing the root cause of a variety of medical issues, especially inflammation. A combination of these treatments may be recommended for best results in treating a particular condition.

Consult with an Experienced Chinese Medicine Doctor in Houston

Call the experienced team at weMED Wellness today at (713) 572-3888 to schedule your consultation and get started on living your best life. You can also email frontdesk@wemedclinic.com to book an initial appointment.