Diabetes Reversed by Functional Medicine

Are you scared of diabetes, because you are having tingling and/or burning sensation in your feet, decreased vision, decreased kidney function, have had a heart attack and are taking too many medications?

1. Medications are Necessary and Helpful
However, the Eyes, Kidneys, Heart and Nerve Damage can still occur, leading many people towards amputation, blindness, or kidney failure; unless diabetes is reversed and medications are reduced.

2. Type II Diabetes Reversed by Functional Medicine.

weMED Functional Medicine Program has helped many patients reverse diabetes, most of them enjoyed freedom from diabetic complications.

3. Type I Diabetes Insulin Reducible

Insulin is essential in treating type I diabetes, yet it poses side effects, such as hypoglycemia (sometimes fatal) and increases choles terol and triglyceride accumulation, resulting in higher heart attack and stroke incidence. The new study, led by Abel and Kevin Xiang at UC Davis, shows that too much insulin in the
blood (hyperinsulinemia) contributes to heart failure by triggering a molecular chain reaction that damages heart muscle cells. The good news is the exacerbation factors for Type I diabetes, such as autoimmune diseases or infectious toxins are minimized through our weMED Wellness Program.

Type I Diabetic Patient, Zach was on over 25 units of insulin daily and his A1C was over 11.0, morning blood sugar runs from 300-400. Our weMED Wellness Program and Cellular therapy, lowered his blood sugar from 400 to 120, and lowered his A1C to 5.2 on August 2, 2021. Click here below to find out his result:

4. Type II Diabetes Reversed and Medications are gone through weMED Functional Medicine

weMED has helped the majority (over 97.2%) of our Type II Diabetes patients reduce or eliminate their medications with our customized weMED Functional Medicine Program based on the 5 Pillars of Health.

1) Case 1: Akir, 52-year-old, both knees have osteoarthritis, with treatment the pain disappeared; and his diabetes levels went from HA1C 9.7 and dropped down to 6.2, Now 5.7, after our functional medicine program. Watch his testimonial below:


2) Case 2: Jose, 54-year-old, blood sugar dropped from 300 down to 130, Watch his testimonial below:

3) Case 3: Wendy’s diabetes is gone:


4) Case 4: Ms. Nannette, formerly on 11 medications but through our weMED Functional Medicine program was able to reduce to three medications.

Case 2:
Ms. Nannette

Formerly on 11 medications but has been reduced to three medications.

Symptom Results After Six Months of weMED Treatment
Fibromyalgia 8-9/10 Decreased fibromyalgia symptoms to levels of 2/10
Major Fatigue 8/10 Decreased fatigue to 2/10
Depression 7/10 Decreased depression symptoms to levels of 2/10
Brain Fog 7/10 Increased energy and mental acuity to 1.5/10
Diabetes Lowered her A1C levels from 6.5 to 5.6
Weight 206 191.5 lbs. (weight loss of 14.5 lbs.)
Acid Reflux and IBS 7/10 Decreased symptoms present to a mere 2/10
Inflammation 8/10 Relieved inflammation symptoms to a barely present 2/10

Nannette was ready for a change. Act now to change your life for the better.

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