What is Moxibustion and Thermotherapy Treatment in Houston?

Acupuncture is one of the hallmarks of pain relief and an integral part of the therapies that weMED Wellness has to offer. We pride ourselves on spending quality time with each patient to develop the most proactive and comprehensive treatment plan using our trusted Eastern medicine therapies. Moxibustion brings additional elements of heat and herbs to acupuncture to help relax muscles and allow for deeper healing.

A moxibustion practitioner can help enhance and renew your overall circulation by lighting a special combination of herbs attached to a stick that is placed close to your skin. The heat will start to seep into your body and reinvigorate your energy flow so that you are back on track to feeling like yourself again. This treatment is typically used in combination with other non-invasive therapies because of its ability to enhance other treatments that you may be receiving. This is why it is commonly associated with acupuncture and often recommended in conjunction with acupuncture sessions for patients who want to boost their overall energy levels and reduce pain.

If you are suffering from chronic fatigue, low testosterone levels, inflammation, digestion issues, chronic pain or depression, moxibustion and thermotherapy treatment could be part of an overall wellness regimen that works for you. This treatment is available to qualifying adult patients of all ages and can improve your energy levels, circulation, and brain health no matter your age.

Finding Moxibustion and Thermotherapy Treatment in Houston

Although the benefits of acupuncture, moxibustion, and thermotherapy treatment are widely discussed, weMed Wellness is one of the few comprehensive wellness centers to offer these treatments in the Houston area. When it comes to your health, put your trust in experienced practitioners, like the doctors who provide moxibustion and thermotherapy treatment in Houston at weMED Wellness. There is no substitute for practitioners who have been trained in Eastern medicine therapies and have all of the Western medicine diagnostic tools available to them. This is what makes weMED Wellness so unique in caring for the long-term health of our patients.

If you have been searching for a Houston acupuncture doctor to help with pain relief or improved overall health, weMED Wellness can help you get started on a healthier and pain-free lifestyle today. Call us today at 713-572-3888 to schedule an appointment with a Houston acupuncture doctor.