Insomnia is something of an epidemic in the U.S. Scientists suggest that millions of Americans suffer from at least mild insomnia on a regular basis. Still, others will experience insomnia on an irregular basis. Why is this sleep disorder so widespread? The answers are complicated. However, a Houston insomnia treatment doctor can help anyone experience a peaceful night of sleep.

A nearly endless list of situations and conditions can lead to insomnia. Some of these are psychiatric or medical while others relate to poor sleep habits or the use of certain stimulating substances. Researchers have even suggested that insomnia may arise from the brain’s inability to successfully transition into a sleep cycle. With so many potential causes, it can seem really difficult to get to the bottom of what is causing you to lose sleep.

That is why Houston insomnia treatment is so critical to your well-being. The first step is to diagnose why you aren’t getting the sleep you need. Several factors may be behind the problem. Perhaps you are dealing with a physical condition that makes falling asleep challenging. Asthma, allergies, heartburn, acid reflux, chronic pain, arthritis and certain neurological conditions all may make it difficult for you to get the sleep you need.

Or, perhaps you have a sleep disorder like restless leg syndrome or sleep apnea. Some people find it difficult to sleep when they are battling depression. Stress and anxiety similarly may play roles. To top it off, even things like the temperature and lighting in your bedroom may be interfering with your sleep cycle.

The results of these sleep disturbances include feeling groggy and half asleep throughout the day. Your concentration suffers, and you may find that you are more irritable than usual. Symptoms of depression and anxiety may worsen as you start to worry about not getting enough sleep. It is a vicious cycle that never seems to end.

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A unique treatment plan will help you reduce stress, deal with underlying medical issues and design your bedroom for optimum sleeping conditions. The use of herbal remedies, meditation, and other therapies will restore balance to your mind and body, enabling you to get the kind of sleep that you deserve.

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