Has your doctor ever mentioned the Five Pillars of Health? If your doctor has a conventional western practice, chances are good that he or she has never mentioned this concept. That’s probably because western medicine tends to be segregated, which means that patients may have one caregiver for general medical concerns, another for diabetes and a third that helps to support good mental health.

In this system, the various health professionals who provide care for the same individual rarely, if ever, communicate with each other. Frequently, one is not aware of the existence of the others. The result is that the various doctors and other providers may be working at cross-purposes. Safeguards may be put in place to protect the patient from harmful drug interactions, but it’s not unusual for the efforts and recommendations of one practitioner to conflict with those of another.

It’s all extremely confusing for the patient, and it hardly supports their pursuit of overall health. In fact, that’s what the Five Pillars of Health are all about. Their aim is to get people looking and feeling their best in all respects. That means that physical, mental and spiritual health all must be addressed.

A Houston wellness clinic like weMED Wellness Center takes an integrated approach to health care. The practitioners here keep the Five Pillars of Health at the center of all of their efforts. Detoxification, Nutrition, and Digestion, Balancing Hormones, Brain Health and Exercise Effectiveness each are addressed in patient treatments. When a recommendation is made, patients can trust that their overall well-being has been considered. They won’t treat a chronic pain problem by risking a drug dependency issue or put their mental health at risk in pursuit of an unrealistic goal.

Doctors who practice integrated care engage in better communication techniques and refrain from seeing only one aspect of a patient. They take total care seriously, and that means better outcomes for the patients.

A Houston wellness clinic may help you find the answers you’ve been looking for if you’ve been dealing with a mysterious or troubling health issue. With integrated health care, you may discover treatment options that you didn’t even know existed.

Call weMed Wellness Center at (713) 572-3888 to learn more about comprehensive health care. With support for your physical, mental and emotional health, you’ll find that you are happier and feel better than you have in a long time.