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A women’s best response to IUI or IVF will depend on her overall endocrine status in the few months preceding the procedure, when the follicles are developing within the ovaries. You should use any means possible to improve the quality of your eggs.

Acupuncture has showed to be effective in aiding IVF and IUI treatment to improve the success rate. 

Did you know that World Health Organization (WHO) recommends Acupuncture for infertility?

Infertility - WeMEDClinics - Program - Treatment, Houston TX, Dr. Bing You

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How Can Acupuncture Help IUI/IVF?

  • It can alleviate the side effects of the medical treatments and improve your response to hormonal stimulation.
  • It can improve the uterine internal lining and egg quality by facilitating the blood flow to the uterus and ovaries.
  • It can alleviate stress. 
  • It optimizes your general wellbeing. 
Pregnant - woman - WeMEDClinics - Treatment
Pregnant - woman - WeMEDClinics - Treatment

Patient story

Sherry was 41 years old and had tried to conceive for 8 years before she visited our office. 

She had 4 natural pregnancies, but all were miscarried within 8 weeks, last one was ectopic. Her doctor recommended IVF after the ectopic pregnancy. She had two IVF treatments that were unscuccesful. Her friend told her acupuncture may help. 

She came to see us in December 2020. Her cycle was 28 days, period 6 days with 2 days heavy flow. She had cramps on day 1 and ovulated on day 14, 15, or 16. She was moody, tired and had more frequent BM with loose stool before her period.

She’s sensitive to cold and her hands and feet felt cold. She tended to be bloated and have pain in left lower quadrant. She complained of pain and stiffness in her neck and lower back.  

She had a history of uterine fibroids. The big one was removed October 2018 and small ones remained. 

She had a pale, dark tongue with white greasy coating. Her spine, lower abdomen, and medial side of leg near tibia were tender upon palpation.

Her cholesterol was slightly high. Functional Medicine test indicated that her progesterone was slightly low. 

Her Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) diagnosis by us was Sleep and Kidney Yang deficiency with dampness and blood stagnation.

We used acupuncture, cupping, and Chinese herbs to treat her, coached her with exercises, nutrition and lifestyle. She’s very responsive. Her symptoms such as PMS, menstrual cramps and back pain had gone, and her digestion improved in 2 months.

Her fertility specialist and she decided to start IVF procedure in March 2021. 28 follicles were retrieved, 14 fertilized, 8 embryos grew well, and genetic test indicated 4 normal embryos. One embryo was transferred in May and pregnancy occurred.  Her pregnancy was uneventful except morning sickness and fatigue during the first trimester. She carried her baby full term and gave birth to a beautiful baby boy.

Looking for help for takeout Infertility in Houston, TX? Call us at (713) 572-3888