With Chinese medicine, there is always a heavy emphasis on overall well-being. This means that every treatment and therapy is aimed at supporting at least one of the Five Pillars of Health. Included in these treatments is cupping.


5 Pillars of Health - weMED Wellness

Striving toward the Five Pillars of Health is critical to leading a productive, positive and energetic life. Through “Detoxification” the body is rid of harmful toxins, which improves the functioning of all systems. Good “Nutrition and Digestion” are supported by a healthy diet while “Balancing Hormones” may be achieved through the effects of acupuncture. The Five Pillars also focus on “Brain Health.” In fact, Chinese medicine treatments have been proven to protect people against conditions like depression and dementia. “Exercise” is essential to maintaining good physical, mental and spiritual health.

Cupping treatment in Houston provides support for all Five Pillars. During the treatment, small glass or bamboo jars are used as suction tools when they are placed on the patient’s skin. The cups, and the suction they create are believed to relieve congestion by drawing energy and blood away from a point of stagnation. Cupping may be performed in wet or dry applications. Dry cupping involves simply applying the cups to the skin. Wet cupping includes a small incision prior to the cupping, so a minimal amount of blood is released.

Heat is applied to the cup to produce suction. Then, perhaps in conjunction with a medical lubricant, the cup is glided over the skin. This cupping treatment in Houston typically is remarkably relaxing for the patient. After the gliding, the cup is left in place for a few moments while the patient continues to relax.

Cupping treatments may be performed in conjunction with acupuncture sessions or independently of other treatments. Either way, they support the Five Pillars of Health by detoxifying the body, aiding with efficient digestion, improving the flow of hormones, supporting mental health with stress relief and releasing pain so that the body is better prepared for exercise.

Whatever your major health concerns may be, cupping treatment in Houston may provide relief of your symptoms. Additionally, you may enjoy more restful sleep and feel more energized throughout the day. It’s just another example of how beneficial Chinese medicine can be for anyone.

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