Did your doctor tell you that you have a 30-80% blockage in your coronary artery or carotid artery?

I can imagine you are very concerned.

Because if there is a blockage in the heart artery, that means there are blockages in the arteries of the brain, liver, kidney, etc. It is a systemic change. That means you are prone to function decline for multiple organs.


  • Heart Attack is the No. 1 killer for men and women.
  • 50% of US heart disease victims learned about their illness by experiencing a fatal heart attack. It was too late.

Heart attack is mainly caused by plaque and the spasm of blood vessels:

Medical treatments are statin medications or stent or angioplasty surgery, but:

Treatment for Blocked Arteries is Limited

1) Angioplasty (40% restenosis within 6 months, not reducing mortality and heart attack)
2) Stenting (19% restenosis in 6 months, allergy reaction, not improving survival)
3) Bypass surgeries (Improving survival but has a long list of complications)

Step 1. Come see us, we will give a general evaluation.
Step 2. We will refer you to a Cardiologist to perform tests, such as:

Step III: Based on your Heart CT Scan Calcium Score, we will design a program to dissolve your blocked artery. Mayo Clinic points out that the main cause of plaques below, weMED has successfully reversed many of those conditions.

Dissolve Coronary Artery Plaque

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