How We Can Help With Kidney Failure

Is your or your loved one kidney function eGFR (estimated Glomerulus Filtration Rate) below 60%, or around 15%? And blood BUN and creatinine (chemical waste) are too high while albumin ( protein) is too low? The doctor is recommending dialysis, and you find out the first 2 years of mortality rate is 41% (according to the Clinical Journal of American Society of Nephrology).

weMED Team reversed failing kidney function

A number of patients’ failing kidney function have been improved significantly, and patients have avoided dialysis. Ms. Jackie Mayhorn had all the kidney failing symptoms and kidney function was 12%, now it is improved to 22%. She is very grateful for how weMED had saved her life. Please listen to her health report

  • weMED Kidney Program

    The success of our patients are the comprehensive results of weMED’s:

    a) integrated eastern and conventional medicine;

    b) as well as cellular therapy technology;

    c) to address the causes of kidney failure and regenerate kidney function.

Talk to Dr. You to see if you are not satisfied with your current kidney function.