Still feeling brain fog, experiencing fatigue, hair loss and inability to lose weight? Are you concerned about memory loss? Not surprising. Low thyroid function will not only affect metabolism but also impede brain development for children and cause dementia in adults.

Medication is sometimes not enough to solve the problem, but why? Often, low thyroid hormone can result from at least 10 different reasons (see picture 5: The Positive and Negative Factors Affect Thyroid ). The success of our weMED Thyroid Program is building upon addressing the root causes of hypothyroidism, such as autoimmune disease, digestive issues, stress and sleep disorders.

Let’s get our thought straight:

1. Please take a look at our endocrine system shown in this picture, the thyroid gland heavily influences the whole course of human life.

About Endocrine System

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2. The function of Thyroid hormone is massive!

About Thyroid Function & Symptoms

Thyroid Hormones

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✅ Bone Metabolism (Osteoporosis, fatigue, fracture)
✅ Immune System (cold and cancer)
✅ Brain / Nervous System (brain fog, intelligence, dementia)
✅ Gastrointestinal function (dry skin, hair loss, constipation)
✅ Liver and Gallbladder (fatty liver, GB)
✅ Growth / Sex Hormones (infertility, low libido)
✅ Fat Burning (cold, fatigue. weight gain)
✅ Insulin / Glucose Metabolism (diabetes)
✅ Heart Rate & Cholesterol levels (heart attack)
✅ Proper stomach acid (slow digestion and acid reflux)

3. The regulation of thyroid hormone production is multi-channeled.

Thyroid Hormone Regulation Circuit

Thyroid Hormone Conversion-treatment-weMED

4. T3 is the active one, T4 has to be converted into T3 to work, rT3 is inactive. The conversion of T4 to T3 is complicated by stress and digestive issues.

Thyroid Regulation and T4 Conversion to R3 & rT3


5. Here are the keys factors affecting thyroid function.

Factors that affect thyroid function-treatment-weMED

6. Mystery solved! Now you understand why taking medications but still feeling no improvement can occur. The thyroid treatment needs to be focused on the causes, the negative and positive factors that affect your production and utilization, so your brain fog, hair loss and chronic fatigue can be eliminated.

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We have many successful cases to share:

Bernardine’s fibromyalgia, sleep and thyroid function are improved

Afrou’s Hashimoto thyroiditis is much better

Aron’s sleep and energy are doing great:

WeMED treated Helen and eradicated her tendonitis, significantly reduced her painful psoriatic arthritis, and helped her become active again.

When Helen first visited weMED, she was determined to find a solution to the psoriatic arthritis plaguing her body as well as the months-long tendonitis she suffered in both elbows. Additionally, Helen suffered from anxiety and depression, hypothyroidism, and acid reflux. On a daily basis, she battled fatigue from poor sleep, as well as tremors in her hands. She also suffered from inflammation throughout her body, which blocked her circulation, meridians, nerves, and acupuncture points.